Learning to meditate is a tool that you gain for life

Do you have these common thoughts about Meditation?

“I think too much to meditate” 
“I don’t have time to meditate” 

In these practical 1 hour workshops, over 4 weeks, you learn that it's okay to have a busy mind; we'll discuss techniques that can give you more clarity and focus, and can make you more productive with the time you do have. 

Learning to meditate was my greatest gift, as I too once thought "I can't meditate".  However I know first hand how life changing it can be, and I'm passionate about bringing this skill to others. 

In addition to meditation, learning different mindfulness techniques can reduce stress and anxiety levels, create greater clarity and awareness, as well as improved health and wellbeing.  

 you learn:

  • what is meditation and mindfulness
  • meditation misconceptions, such as the common belief that you should have no thoughts when you meditate, and that it’s okay if you have a busy mind.
  • the stress response: how we’ve normalised it and the effects it creates on our health and body
  • the 1 min technique that can calm the body and mind, turning off the stress response
  • how meditation can increase positive emotions, while simultaneously decreasing negative ones, including coping with fear and worry
  • how meditation improves our focus, clarity and can make us more productive
  • how multi tasking actually decreases our energy and time, and the value of one thing at a time
  • how meditation improves the immune system, sleep, and therefore your health and wellbeing
  • assists you to create greater self awareness, less self judgement and more self compassion
  • how being present within yourself, can help you show up with more presence to your family and friends
  • how to develop a regular practice
  • mindfulness tools you can use in everyday situations

Each 1 hour session includes a discussion, a meditation including various styles over the 4 weeks, plus Q&A.  

You receive an E-Book with all the information from the 4 week workshop.
Email and phone support over the 4 weeks if you have any questions.  
Plus access to recorded meditations.

Suitable for beginners or those wishing to deepen their practice and knowledge.  

1 hour every week for 4 weeks
Next dates TBC

Limited to 12 people  
Prahran, Melbourne
Investment $165 per person (ex. gst)

To register email:  hello@sachastewart.net

What others say.....

"Sacha is an amazingly thoughtful and gifted teacher with a wisdom far beyond her years. Drawing from a breadth of life experiences, she truly embodies mindfulness; meeting others with heartfelt compassion, acceptance, and a patience for them finding their own innate strength.  Sacha lives out her passion for inspiring wellbeing with great integrity and moves even the busiest of souls to find peace in the everyday. Empower yourself & make the choice to see her today."

 Sarah Rudd, Physiotherapist, Melbourne