We each have the possibility to design our highest potential for wellbeing.


Sacha is a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher,  Kinesioligist and Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, with a background in holistic life coaching and nutrition. After working as a producer in the advertising and film industry for 20 years, she began retraining at the beginning of 2013.

She knows the exhaustion and burnout that can come from a 24/7 high pressure lifestyle, feeling like you're on the go, with no "off switch", attempting to do your best to balance both your work and personal life in the process. 

After a significant health set back, she learnt how to lead a full and productive life, without compromising her wellbeing; and she is passionate about helping you to be proactive about your health and wellness.  

As a dedicated daily meditator and certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, running classes at some of the most highly regarded studios within Melbourne, she also facilitates workshops for businesses to bring new thinking into the workplace. 


After discovering the tools of Kinesiology, and the power of Mind Body Medicine, when they helped her to uncover her own subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and also health issues; they empowered her to move forward to greater wellbeing, and lead her to dive deeper into these modalities so she can assist others. 

Training at the College of Complimentary Medicine, the Melbourne Meditation Centre, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and Wellcoaches, she work’s with you to create balance, wellbeing, and growth, to live your optimum life.  


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