You Are Blessed


It doesn't seem to matter how much work we do on ourselves, or positive thinking, there are always going to be times that are tougher.  When we don't feel like things are going our way, and that the world is just a little bit against you - even when you know deep down it's not. 

It is rare for me these days, but on a recent rough patch I was really stuck in old thought patterns.  I had made certain decisions, ultimately which lead to more opportunity.  Yet somehow I was still in the mindset of fear and lack.  I wrote an email one evening to an old friend complaining about how difficult everything was.

Then the next morning I woke up and read a friends Facebook post.   It explained the life of a young girl she knew, who had recently passed away.  However this was not so much about sadness in the sense of death, but what she had to deal with in life.

Abuse, bullying and neglect.... and never being able to get out of this cycle no matter how hard she tried.

This is not living in the third world, but right under our noses.

I actually just wanted to give myself a massive slap across the face for not seeing how truly lucky and blessed I am.

While I don't want to get into these particular issues, it made me see there are no guarantees in life, and that you can't take anything for granted.  As discussed in this post, life does not owe you something.  It does not owe you love, friends, health, money, security, possibilities or even food, and a roof over our heads. 

It hit me hard to read!  It really gave me a wake up call to the endless possibilities I have in my life, to the love that is all around me, and all the opportunities and choices.  Even if they are difficult at times. 

So if you have these simple things in your life, you are incredibly lucky.  We need to take time to appreciate this.

I choose to write in a gratitude journal, but at the time had gotten out of the habit - one I have well and truly put back on my daily agenda.  If at the end of the day you write down 3 things that you are grateful for and why.  I can honestly say that it really changes your perspective.  Especially if you are going through a tough time... if you take a couple minutes out just to think of a few things it can really make a difference.  

I encourage you to look around you and see all the gold in your life.  Be grateful for what you have every day. 

You are blessed!!