Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Photo: Bruce Weber

Photo: Bruce Weber

How often do we think about what makes us happy, and then follow through with it on a regular basis?

With work, and the commitments of every day life, do we take time for the simple pleasures that can make a crazy and frantic day, into one that is more bearable?

The little things can mean so much....

So this week I put it to you...  Write a list of 10 things that you could do in your day that brings a smile to your face, joy to your heart, and that you could implement without too much difficulty.

Here are mine....

* Waking up and walking, seeing the sunrise before most of the world wakes. 

* Making and drinking my morning smoothie - there is something very fulfilling just about the act of doing this.  Knowing that at the start of the day I have fuelled my body in the right way.

* Not checking my emails or social media before having exercised and had the above mentioned smoothie.  I kind of feel like I have one up on the world.

* Messaging/phoning someone I really love even if it is just for a brief chat or 'I'm thinking of you'.  

* Writing my blog and connecting with others in the wider world (You!)

* Lighting a beautiful smelling candle that fills the whole room with a wonderful aroma, and gives everything a special glow - even during the day.

* Smiling at people in the street - I guarantee you will get them back.

* Listening to 80's music and having a little sing or dance when no one is watching.  (I think it is something about going back to those fun teenage years)

* Pulling a positive mind or angel card.  It really does make me feel good and hopeful. 

* Sleeping in freshly laundered sheets, and wearing my favourite flannel PJ's.

When you actually start thinking about it there are so many small possibilities to add moments that can make us smile.   This is just the tip of the iceberg.   I actually struggled to keep it to 10 for this exercise once I got going.

Even if we can only fit a couple of them into a day, I think it changes our whole outlook when we also take the time to appreciate that we are doing them.  All the better if they can become a part of a daily routine to bring more joy into your life.

I would love to hear yours!