Maca vs Macca's

Years ago I couldn't get enough of good old Macca's.  My mates and I were constantly propped up there, or heading into the drive through.  Ahh... those were the days.  So while McDonalds I now know is full of damaging trans fats, sugar and even chemicals.

Today I prefer the nourishing benefits of Maca.

A root that is grown in Peru, sometimes known as "Peruvian ginseng", where it has long been valued as an energy booster and to increase sexual performance - hey what is not to love here.

It is one of nature’s super foods, and is especially wonderful for women as it is a hormone balancer. 

To give you more of the facts:

Vitamins - It is nutritionally dense and is rich in Vitamin B 1 & 2, C & E.  Including a vegetarian source of B12.  It also contains important minerals zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, fatty acids and amino acids. 

Increases Energy - Known to increase energy and stamina, it gives your body a little boost. Especially if taken in the morning it can replace the need for coffee. 

Sexual Function - Maca is widely known to promote sexual function in both men and women.  It boosts libido and increases endurance.  It has been known to be called "natures Viagra"

Hormone Balancing - Maca is an adaptogen, which means it adapts to different bodies individually.  If you are producing too much of one hormone, or not enough of another, it helps to regulate them and bring them into balance.

Due to this it aids with

·      PMS

·      Menopause

·   Hot Flushes

Increases Fertility - As it balances the hormones it can also increase fertility.  (NB. do not take during pregnancy)

Overall Health

·      Great for anaemia sufferers as it supplies Iron

·      It supports the adrenals glands which in turn aids with stress management

·      General mood enhancer

·      Balances the endocrine system

·      Stabilizes the nervous and cardiovascular system

·      Can assist in clearing acne and skin issues

·      Decreases skin sensitivity so it has more tolerance to extreme temperatures

·      Increases bone density.

NB. If you are suffering from hormone related cancer issues such as breast, ovarian, prostate or testicular cancer you should talk to a health professional first before using maca.

How to take it...

You should start taking Maca slowly as it can have a significant impact very quickly.  In fact as it is detoxifying you may even feel a little sick for a couple of days, so go very easy at the beginning.

Start with 1/4 teaspoon and make your way up slowly to a tablespoon or two over a few weeks and months - feel what is right for your body.  Never take more than 3 tablespoons in a day, and it is best to take it in the morning as it can interrupt sleep 

You should also have a week off it every month so your body stays responsive to its benefits. 

It has a slightly nutty, caramel flavour.  I take mine in a smoothie, but you can add it to your favourite foods and drinks.  Stir it into some yogurt, sprinkle it, bake with it,....


And to those of you who know me very well... yes I have to be honest I have still been known to drop by for some fries at Macca's late on a rare evening.... hey keeping it real!