Beauty on a Budget

Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez

With the challenge of living in different financial circumstances, and not having the money to spend on the usual expensive skincare routines, I have actually discovered products that have been sitting in my kitchen all along that are half the price, natural, free of chemicals and do a wonderful job.

Here are a couple of my favourites.

Cleanser and Make Up Remover

Who would have thought that oil is a great cleanser and removes make up.  I certainly wouldn't have for one.  However I am now a complete convert to this wonderful concoction.    Don't be afraid of oil.   Oil actually dissolves oil.  It promotes skin health, and is an excellent way of preventing skin problems from arising, keeping it soft and supple. 

Get a small dark bottle - preferably glass if you can and blend:

80 % Extra Virgin Olive Oil

20% Castor Oil

Olive Oil hydrates your skin and gives it a dewy glow. 

Castor Oil seeps into your skin and pores, pulling out dirt and blackheads.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties which are healing and cleansing to the skin.   It can be surprisingly drying for your skin, so if you feel this cut back to 10% on the castor oil.  Or if you have oily skin increase to 30%.

Use a small dollop and smooth all over your face. 

Heat a wash cloth and hold over your face for approximately 30 seconds or until it cools.  The steam from the hot cloth also aids the castor oil in pulling out dirt. 

Gently wipe, rinse and repeat again if required. 

Body Exfoliant and Body Moisturiser

I owe this recipe to my good friend Lisa Poynton.  Who on a visit to her lovely home put me on to one of the best skin care tips ever.

A few large tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil.

A Small teaspoon of Himalayan Sea Salt. 

A few drops of your favourite essential oil - optional.

Mix together in a small bowl.  Rub all over your skin before you shower and scrub.  It protects your skin from losing moisture from the water, and naturally rinses off the excess oil, leaving your skin silky smooth. 

Coconut Oil sinks in deep to moisturise, condition and soften the skin.  Coconut oil cleanses away dirt, grime and dead skin and even has antibacterial properties.  It also acts as an antioxidant to prevent cellular ageing. 

Himalayan Sea Salt has 84 naturally rich minerals and trace elements that helps stimulate circulation and replenishes the skin.  It can be an effective treatment for common skin conditions.  

Shaving Cream

Boys I haven't forgotten about you.  Coconut Oil can be used as a shaving cream.  Apply a thin layer prior to shaving, and as it is also an antiseptic it is great for any of those nasty little cuts.

Facial Moisturisers

Again coconut oil can provide a deep moisture boost if used at night - you probably wouldn't want to head out with it in the morning.  It can feel quite greasy at first but it is amazing how quickly it absorbs into the skin.

And while these aren't necessarily found in your kitchen, there are a number of different options for moisturisers and skin care, but my two favourites for the face are:

Vitamin E Oil is anti ageing, can enhance skin by protecting and renewing skins cells as it promotes collagen production.

(Foods that are also rich in Vitamin E include avocado, sunflower seeds, olive oil, wheat germ and nuts particularly almonds.  It can also be found in many vegetables including spinach, broccoli and parsley).

Rosehip Oil  is also full of anti ageing properties and is very rehydrating for the skin.  Particularly healing, it is good for scars, eczema, can reduce wrinkles and benefit dry and ageing skin.

It contains

*Vitamin C

*Vitamin A

*Beta Carotene



*Essential fatty acids

It gives skin a beautiful glow.  And the best thing about it - the smell! 

Sometimes I must admit I still love my traditional (but chemical free) products - a luxurious treat.  But I often now use it in combination. 

Try these home remedies out for yourself and notice a real difference! 

And of course this is just a sample - if anyone has any great home beauty remedies that you use I would love to hear of them.