Spring In Your Step..... No?

Picture: Bruce Webber

Picture: Bruce Webber

Well this week's newsletter almost didn't happen.....   A friend and I were complaining of lack of energy.  Neither of us could work out why, despite the fact Spring was in the air, neither of us had a spring in our step. 

In fact the opposite was the case, and I had been hearing the same complaint from many others. 

Procrastination on my behalf was so high that I was wondering if I would have the energy, to write the article about not having the energy.....  a bit of a conundrum.  

Anyway I finally pulled my finger out and put pen to paper for you.  I wanted to discover what was behind this lethargy! 

Springtime, when the days are getting longer, the weather becoming warmer with those first feelings of Summer on the way, and the trees starting to flower and blossom, is a beautiful time of year.   A time when our desire is to jump straight out of bed and get into the day. 

However sometimes we can't help but doing exactly the opposite.   Slightly confusing - correct?

What we don't realize is it also puts us out of balance.  Our bodies are not used to the shifts in light, temperature, the adjustment of daylight savings and how our hormones become out of whack.

It is actually a reaction to the changes in nature.  We regulate our metabolism and hormone levels with light and temperature.  When it is cold and dark we produce more melatonin.  When we start to get more light, this reduces and we begin to release more of the activity hormone serotonin.  However the body can't manage this process immediately. 

Temperature changes can also increase the risk of infection and cause strain on blood vessels and circulation. 

Spring Fever can cause:

*          Desire to sleep continuously

*          Tendency to procrastinate

*          Lack of Attention

*          Lack of desire to work

*          Fatigue

*          Failure to concentrate

*          Mood Swings

*          May make some people nervous, strained or tense

*          Dizziness

Phew!!  Makes me feel exhausted just reading it!

However somehow it also makes me understand I am not going a little mad with all the sleepiness.  Coming from more extreme winters like Denmark actually increases the symptoms. 

What can we do to counteract this?

*          Regular sleep hours (don't sleep excessively as this can actually make you feel more lazy)

*          Lots of fruit and vegetables

*          Regular healthy protein

*          2 - 3 litres of water per day

*          Nettle and Dandelion tea are very supportive of the transition to spring

*          Walking in the morning in the fresh air for at least 15-20 mins before breakfast preferably.

*          Fresh air in your working environment and during the day.

*          Have breakfast regularly to get your metabolism started.

*          Dark raw chocolate (see last weeks article on Raw Cacao) for an energy boost.

*          If you like Sauna's, followed by a blast of cold water this is great for circulation (I tried ice bathing in winter and it was amazingly exhilarating). 

The thing is, with the change in season you kind of go through a mild jet lag for about 2 - 3 weeks.  The body is out of its natural rhythm. 

Actually the best thing you can do is rest up and don't be too hard on yourself.  Allow the body it's natural recuperation period, as it is telling you what it does and doesn't need.  I know I say this a lot - but it is true! 

The upside of this is when you come out the other side you should have increased energy, vitality and sexual energy!!   After all it is Spring kids !!!

And to all the lovely Australian's and New Zealander's that read my article as I know you are heading into Autumn/Winter.  Snuggle up and get cosy - and enjoy some hygge as the Danes call it!.  

PS.  As I put this to print I feel I am out the other side.... hope you are too.  I still felt this very interesting to know though to keep in mind for next season!  

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