Jeg elsker Danmark..... (I love Denmark)

So many people ask "why did you come to Denmark?'  The truth is I can never really answer.  Sometimes the reasons differ, because I actually don't completely know myself.  All I can say is that it was instinctual.  A knowing.  A gut feeling that I would be happy here.  I have always wanted to live in Europe, so that part is not so surprising.  Still, if you had ever said I would end up in Copenhagen, you would have floored even me.

However this article is not really about the reasons I ended up here, but more the appreciation of the beautiful city I live in.

This was born tonight as I was riding home from a friend’s house that lives slightly out of the inner city.  A beautiful evening, during the 45 min travel home, grateful for the delicious home cooked meal I had just received, I got to thinking of all the things I loved about Copenhagen.

Cycling on a late spring night, the wind in my hair, the breeze on uncovered arms, is a feeling I can't describe after months of being wrapped up in coats, hats and gloves.  It is almost this surreal, magical feeling. 

I don't think I have ever really experienced that awareness before.  The smell of the wisteria as you are biking by, the reflection on the water of the lake at 9pm, the softness of the light that just makes the city glow is completely extraordinary.  It makes all the winter cold worthwhile, because the dichotomy of the experience makes it all the greater. 

The thing is I actually love the winters here as well.  It is a totally different environment.  I love how the darkness gives an atmosphere of togetherness that is incredibly peaceful.  The cosiness, the candles, the warmth inside after coming in from the snow, makes it almost enchanted sometimes.  Yes, it is a lot quieter, but that is also the natural rhythm of life with the seasons. 

Maybe I sound like I am talking about the weather, however this is not the case.  For me it is actually about the feeling it evokes, whether it be via atmosphere, culture or design.  Being a very visual person it is somehow the way I connect to a place, through it's envrionment.  I remember when I first moved to Sydney in 2001.  Living in Surry Hills, which was close enough on my morning walk to see the Opera House every day - honestly, no matter how often I walked past, the excitement it gave rise to each and every time never failed to astonish me, because it looked different on every viewing.   How ironic that it is a Danish design.

I just read a news item on 'Things that people who love their lives do differently'.  I was very interested to read that happy people move around a bit, because they are always meeting new people and having new experiences.  It is something I have always done in my life, and I yearn for if I stay in a place too long.  That doesn't mean I do not like permanence, or imagine leaving Denmark anytime soon.  In fact the opposite.  I see this as a place to grow, develop, create a new life, and a platform to jump to other places on the globe intermittently.  

While I can't profess to be happy all the time, and life certainly isn't perfect.  What I hope to achieve every day is a sense of gratefulness and appreciation for where I am, the beauty no matter what time of year, and most importantly the generosity of the people who surround me.

I am so gifted for every single person in my life near and far.  So Thank You og Tusind tak mine venner.