Rise and Shine

Do you have a morning ritual?  Something that sets you up for a positive start to the day.

Or is the first hour when you wake up 'oh no it's another day, damn I have to get up, too much to do " and other similar negative thought patterns?  If it is, guaranteed that your day is probably going to be less than ideal. 

It is something I have become a lot more conscious of over the years, and I have become committed to a morning routine.  This has developed and changed with the times, and what suits me both physically and mentally. 

From someone who used to struggle to get out of bed, I have absolutely become a 'morning person'.  I really do feel this is the time I am most productive, and if I am focused and grounded early in the morning, it does make quite a substantial difference to how things progress in the following hours.  

The days I set myself up with the right intentions, are definitely the ones I get the most joy out of. 

Firstly, do you know that the first seconds/minutes when you wake up are the most effective at training your mind to a more positive outlook?   The state between sleeping and waking is when our brains are most responsive to suggestion.  So depending on what you tell yourself in these moments can make a huge difference.   

One way of doing this is practicing gratefulness when you wake.  For example thanking your bed for a great nights sleep (hopefully).  Suggest to yourself that it is going to be a good day, and ask yourself what kind of exciting things could happen?

Take the time to really visualize what a great day ahead it may be. 

On rising I like to do some meditation - again because it is a peaceful time with not too much going on.  If I do it before I get too physically active it helps me to keep my mind still.

I try not to check my phone, email, messages, social media, prior to having completed this.  Hmmm - I'm not always good at this but I do my best.  The mind gets so stimulated by other thoughts the minute you switch on these devices.  Do yourself a favour, and really try to have at least some time in the morning for yourself before the rest of the world encroaches in.  

Getting into some physical action early on is a great way to wake up the body.  I know not everyone loves exercising in the morning, but even 5-10 minutes can get you energized. Plus it jump starts your metabolism and increases mental activity.  Maybe some yoga stretches, or a quick walk if you are not up to much more at that time?

Then it is finally time for breakfast and checking in for the day ahead.   

I have various other activities that I may do, and I could give you a lot of suggestions.  However I realize that we are all are different and have diverse commitments.  What is right for me is not necessarily right for you.  I encourage you to discover some of your own.  

What will set you up for a fantastic day ahead??