Mother's Day

I am keeping it short this week and letting the pictures do the talking, as I wanted to share with you the film we did for the Maternity Foundation Denmark.  You may recognise the voice on this English version!

Please share it with others to make them aware of the cause. 

It was a labour of love for all concerned.  I am very proud to be able to show it, and appropriate for you to see it today with Mother's Day this Sunday.

And speaking of Mother's Day, I also wanted to use this as an opportunity to say how grateful I am to my own mother.  Without her love, unfailing support and kindness, I would not be able to live the great adventure that is my life. 

Director: Jesper Skoubølling

DOP: Andrew Grant Christensen

Producer: Sacha Stewart

Production Company:  UitchIscratch

Post: Gimmick

For Motor Agency and Maternity Foundation Denmark