Opportunities are coming at us all the time, and of course we can't say yes to all of them.  However the purpose of this article is to discuss when we say yes to things that are outside of our comfort zone.  To take a chance on something that may seemingly be the last thing you would ever dream of doing, and say YES.   As often when we are faced with the unknown, our inclination from fear is to shutdown and say no.  

This week I was invited to go to Copenhell (don't you just love that name), which is a heavy metal concert.  The featured band was Iron Maiden. Any of you who know me, know that this is not my scene. The friends that had the spare ticket were also probably the most unlikely people to attend a "metal" concert.

So the discussion came up that evening about saying yes to things you wouldn't normally consider.  They, as a couple, have an especially wonderful agreement.  They both invite each other to things that are outside the comfort zone for the other.  This could be a spiritual course, to a motor bike ride weekend.  The deal is they have to say yes to the invitation, and stay at least 20 mins.  If after 20 mins they hate it they are free to leave.

Now sometimes they do leave after the allotted time frame.  Then others, they enjoy so much, they stay and get right into it, which opens up a whole new area of interest for them.  And for me, especially living in a new country, I feel like I just have to experience weird stuff to get the most out of life here.

So armed with what we thought were our most appropriate "heavy metal" outfits (ha ha - yeah right), we ventured forth.  This unlikely trio had the most wonderful of times.  It was honestly one of the most fun events I have been to.  It was creative in its marketing and branding, there was a fantastic energy, and the crowd were friendly.  They were all there to have a good time and appreciate the music. 

The opera, classical loving, music fan I was with, got so into it he bought the merchandise.  Expecting to leave after the 20 mins - we had to drag him out of there right at the very end of the evening, he was having so much fun.

I heard of another couple, where the wife told her husband one weekend that she would  just say YES to everything her husband wanted to do.  She was dreading the weekend.  However given this license, he decided to do everything he could to make her happy and find fun activities for them.  Ultimately that lead her to saying "it was one of the best weekend's they had ever had", and gave them renewed love to their marriage.

While I am very aware 'no' is just as important at times.  I love this quote by Jim Carrey - "don't ever let fear turn you against your playful heart".  So the next occasion you are faced with an interesting choice, I encourage you to say yes.  Take a chance, do it for the experience.  You just never know where it could lead you.


I also wanted to share this small part of an inspiring speech by the above mentioned Jim Carrey, talking about choosing love over fear and following your dreams.  Very powerful words that we should all take note of.

And for the whole speech he has some amazing insights of which the quote is just one.  I highly recommend taking the time to view it when you can.