A Great Way To Start The Day

I spoke a week ago on morning rituals.  One of mine that is more nutrition based, is Lemon and Cayenne Pepper in lukewarm water, before any other food.  It is a practice that I have been doing for many years now, for the many health benefits it provides.

For me mentally I feel like it is deeply cleansing after a night’s sleep and really kick starts me into action. 


Flushes out toxins

Boosts immune system as it has high levels of Vitamin C

Balances PH levels and is very alkalizing for the body

Kick starts digestion

Natural diuretic, improves the functioning of the colon and cleanses the urinary tract

Clears skin as it purifies the blood.  Prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne

Prevents cravings so aids weight loss

Great source of citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.  The potassium helps nourish nerve and brain cells

Helps reduce pain and inflammation in joints and knees

Cleanses the liver

Cayenne Pepper

I also like to use a dash of Cayenne Pepper, which boosts metabolism, increases your digestive enzyme production, helps regulate blood sugar and is anti inflammatory.  It may take a little while to get used to this but I now find it adds a bit of exhilaration to the morning

To Make

Cup of lukewarm water - if possible purified. 

Juice of half a lemon (always use fresh preferably organic lemons - not bottled lemon juice)

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper

Please do you use luke warm water as boiling water kills the nutrients in the lemon.  Also avoid ice cold water, as it takes a lot of energy for your body to process.

Do drink this on an empty stomach and if possible wait 30mins before breakfast for it to do it's work.

Now one drawback is it does affect the enamel on teeth if it comes regularly into direct contact.  I actually drink mine through a straw.  However you can also rinse you mouth thoroughly afterwards.

This drink is a natural energy booster so try it instead of your morning coffee. 

 Good Morning!!