Existential Bummer

I have just watched this film by Jason Silva who creates a series called Shots of Awe, and quite honestly I was moved to tears so I felt very compelled to send it out this week. 


"Existential Bummer" is about the impermanence of life, that everything is born must also die.   While this sounds like it might be a very pessimistic viewpoint, and watching this film does draw you into this mindset for a moment, he also sees things from an incredibly strong and positive outlook. 

Everything is transient, sometimes we choose that change, others it is changed for us.  Life as we know it can change in an instant when we least expect it.   Sometimes we can get sad by the thought of losing something before it even takes place.

However, in living life to the fullest, hanging on to the glorious moments, and all that is precious to you.  Extending them for as long as you possibly can, and appreciating them while we have them - That is a choice that we CAN make. 

I will let Jason do the talking this week - his complete vibrancy and love of life brings so much to the topic.  Needless to say this film has given me so much to think about that I find it hard to put into words as it brings up so many emotions. 

However I will end on these two quotes. 

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver

"Life should be lived to the point of tears" - Albert Camus

(Oh and PS. Girls....  just to lighten the mood - as you can see above he is also charismatically handsome so well worth the click!!!)