What If....?? All Your Dreams Came True

Photo: Ryan McGinley

Photo: Ryan McGinley

In the last couple of weeks I seem to have been having a number of conversations about manifestation.  That the universe provides.... you just have to ask - but that you have to be very specific in the request.

I know that at different times in my life my manifestation power has been extraordinary.  However at others junctures, things just don't seem to take shape, no matter how hard I try.

My strongest recent memory of things really coming together in a way that I could never have predicted, was when I made the decision to move to Copenhagen.  I don't mean just the idea of it - but the actual choice that this was what I was really going to do, and it was a set goal.  Things lined up for me in ways I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams. 

I had a lovely dinner recently with someone who has a very set, long term plan for their life, with certain steps along the way.  The goal is extremely clear, and within the first year they have managed to attract and create more than I think they probably believed possible.  One of the key things here, I believe, is that it was a very well thought out idea of how they could bring all of the elements in their life together.   They are aiming high, but it is by no means unachievable - which they have already proven.  Very inspiring.

It made me recognize, that although I have some very clear goals, that in other areas I need to get really specific about what I would like to happen. 

So how do we manifest? 

Intention - A clear goal is a very important step in the process.  Dream big here.  Don't let your mind limit what you think you can achieve.

What is not okay about dreaming what we think may be impossible?  I believe everything is in the realms of possibility.

Imagine - What is the feeling like of already having reached this goal?  What does it look like, smell like, sound like, feel like?  Get your senses into action and really put yourself into the experience of what it would be like to achieve your hearts desire.

Ask - Most importantly ask the Universe/God or whatever you believe in.  Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I pray (although I am not traditionally religious in any way).  I will talk out loud to whoever is listening (yes I am sure at times if someone could see me I look a bit crazy).  You can find your own way, but put that request out.

Gratefulness - Be appreciative of what you already have.  Although life isn't always smooth sailing, take the time to acknowledge what is going right for you.  The more we expand our heart into what is already good, makes it easier for the energy of the universe to step in with other great things.  Like attracts like remember...

Believe - As I mentioned earlier - why is it not possible?  Suspend disbelief and truly believe that it can happen.  Most importantly believe in yourself and everything you can be.  Let's be very clear here - if you don't believe it can happen, or in yourself - no matter how much you ask, dream, imagine - it ain't gonna happen.

Let Go - Lose the sense of attachment to the outcome.  Sometimes things show up in ways we would never have expected, and maybe even better.  Don't become so fixated on how things should turn out, that you don't allow for some universal magic to happen.

An old friend sent me a message a couple of weeks ago on Stevie Wonder....  In an interview about Songs in the Key of Life, he was asked "Do you go into the studio knowing exactly what you will do?"  Stevie replied "No, I always leave space for God to walk into the room."

Quite profound.

Action - When opportunity knocks don't sit on the sidelines. Once you recognize those dreams of yours, start making steps towards them.  Maybe it is a baby step, or maybe a giant leap - but follow where your intuition leads you to start creating your dream life.

Good luck my friends.  We all have it within us!


If you want further reading and some actual exercises to help prove that manifestation is possible, I highly recommend the book E Squared by Pam Grout