Something to dwell on while drinking that Green Smoothie....


They say you are what you eat....   and I think anyone reading this is aware if we eat chips, pizza, hamburgers and fast food on a regular basis, that we are going to become pretty unhealthy.

If we feed our body with junk food.... we get a lot of junk in our trunk!  

So how about applying this to our thoughts?  We become what we think...

If we are constantly putting negative thought patterns into our head.... hey guess what??  Do we want our minds to become a junkyard? 

Now I know this is not a new concept, but put in this way, for me brings a new perspective. 

The power of what we tell ourselves is incredibly strong. 

When we have a negative emotion it narrows down our minds and perspective, it focuses our thoughts, often fear based, so we actually shut out other options that might be possibilities.

For example if you are in an argument with someone, your anger could consume you to the point that you can't think of anything else.  

In most cases the negative emotion makes your brain close down to the outside world, while you pay your attention to the distress that is going on inside.

However when you experience feelings of joy, contentment and love, you will see many more possibilities in life.  This has actually been proven in research, that positive thoughts actually enhance your ability to increase your skills, and develop your resources.

By being able to broaden your thoughts through positive self talk, opens your mind and ultimately brings you more options, and creates more successful outcomes.  Which in turn leads to more genuine contentment and happiness.    

There is also of course the theory that we get more of what we believe.  So the more we think positively of what is going on around us, the more likely we are to attract more of the same. 

You can eat all the organic, healthy food in the world, but if you are doing the negative self chatter, you are not going to be a healthy person. 

So while you are downing that kale smoothie.... don't forget to be feeding yourself mentally as well with a kind thought or two.... or ten.