Adjusting to Autumn

Image: Ryan McGinley

Image: Ryan McGinley

I know a lot of you enjoyed the post I did on Spring.  Southern Hemisphere readers you may want to check it out again here.  So I thought I would look at the ways we can transition into the colder months with ease.

We are at the equinox with equal light in both hemispheres.  For those in the north it means our days are slowly going to get shorter and shorter, and we need to start adjusting our bodies accordingly. 

Autumn is a beautiful time of year and one of my favourite things is walking through masses of dried leaves and hearing the crunch.  But that also means things are drying out, including our skin.  It is a good time to increase our healthy fats such as coconut oil, ghee, nuts and salmon.  I like using coconut oil as a moisturiser as well to protect and nourish the skin.

In Ayurvedic medicine they believe the start of the season is when we are more sussesptible to illness.  From the number of unwell people around me right now, I am fully aware that it is very important to treat our bodies with respect and keep up our immune systems.  If you do start to feel the onset of a cold or flu try this boosting elixir.

Get more rest and sleep than usual as our bodies adjust to the change in the atmosphere.  You may find this starts to happen naturally with less daylight hours. 

It's time to start eating more warming foods, moving away from the raw foods of summer and into light soups and stews.  Introduce the root vegetables such as carrot, sweet potato, onions and garlic.  As well as above ground, squash and pumpkin.  Energy filled nuts and seeds, like walnuts and sunflower seeds are also great choices.  Include warming spices such as fennel, cumin, corriander, turmeric, ginger and pepper. 

(For a full list of foods in season see below).

Traditionally Autumn is a time of harvest, so a wonderful period to conserve, preserve and dry the foods of late summer in preparation for winter.

Keep exercising and continue to make it a part of your day.  There is a tendancy now it's more cosy inside, and we don't have to get into swimwear, to let go of our fitness routines.  However it it is really important we keep moving our bodies - even if it is just a brisk walk out in the autumn sunshine.

Now is a great time to cleanse and let go of toxins. Dry body brush every day, have lemon in warm water upon rising to start the bodies natural detoxification process.  

Think also about detoxing life wise.  Just like losing the leaves off the trees, it is an opportunity to declutter, throw out and get organized.   In Chinese medicine Autumn actually relates to grief.  So let go emotionally of old beliefs, patterns and judgements that maybe blocking you from moving forward.   Take lots of deep breaths and exercise to help keep your spirits up.  

Time to move into a new phase.


Foods in Season

Apples, Pears, Brussels Sprouts, Fennel, Squash, Pumpkin, Pomegranate, Grapes, Figs, Cauliflower, Beets, Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms, Cabbage, Cranberries, Leeks, Parsnips, Turnips, Broccoli, Celery, Garlic, Kale, Quince, Zucchini, Aubergine, Carrots, Artichoke

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