What Is Your Intention For 2015?

Putting out the seeds of possibility...  

Putting out the seeds of possibility...  

Since we are still at the start of a New Year I thought I would do a little re-cap on setting intentions.  Even though we are past the 1st of the month, it is not too late to set ourselves up for the way in which we would like 2015 to look.  In fact for any of you that follow astrology, the 20th January is the first new moon of the year, and is the ideal time for sowing seeds for the future and birthing new ideas.

Many of you may have set some New Years resolutions and are probably having varying degrees of success.  The thing I find about resolutions is that they are often about changing a negative habit, and are not completely realistic in regards to what we can achieve, hence they can sometimes set us up for failure. 

I prefer to set positive intentions of how I would like my life to look and feel, rather than "I will... " statements.

For example, "I intend to be healthy, vital and full of energy".  Rather than - "I will go to the gym 3 times per week", or "I will not eat sugar", even though these are very worthy actions.  

However given that we are human, and at some point will probably have that sweet dessert, or fail to turn up at the gym one week, if we are working on an overall picture rather than a direct statement, we don't start beating ourselves up at every point if we have not completed the specified action.  As this in turn can lead to a negative feeling and possibly giving up altogether, and if we are focusing on the larger plan, it allows for more flexibility than rigid thinking and patterns.   Then if we do have small setbacks, the next day or week we pick ourselves up again and move forward.

Once I have set the intention I will really feel into what this would be like, and envision myself doing all the things that would make me healthy, and set about taking steps towards it.  This can include the gym, not having sugar, and a whole range of other things that all contribute to the overall vision.  

Another reason for this is allowing for the magic of life to step in and give a helping hand.  Lets face it things don’t always go to plan, and we can’t always determine an outcome by sheer will, however sometimes they can work out even better than our original goal, or steer us in a direction we may never have expected.   

So to give another example, this is my intention in regards to this site and my aim to build my business.  "I intend to create a business that is mindful, wellness and spiritually orientated, that brings positive energy to all who come into contact with it".  

I have lots of ideas how this might look and feel, but it is a process that could lead to many different outcomes right now.  So rather than being too specific in my intention, I know that this is overall what I want to create, and every day I will actively work towards it.   And please note that this is a very important step - Action.  Even though our intentions may be broader, it is incredibly important that we have determination, and take dedicated action to achieve what we want in our lives.  

This year I have around 15 intentions and I have written each of them on small separate index cards.  At the top I have put the intention and below I have broken them down into a few small steps that would help me realize them.  Reading them every morning so far has helped motivate me and get me excited about the future.  

Here is to a positive and productive 2015 for all of us.