In With The New

(Illustration: Joy Laforme)

(Illustration: Joy Laforme)

What a whirlwind it's been moving countries and setting up a new chapter in life.  So exciting, daunting, challenging and fun all at once.

There has been much "home sickness" for Copenhagen, despite that many would say I have essentially come back "home" to Melbourne, so on the cusp of New Years Eve it has got me thinking about accepting what is, releasing what is no longer, as well as welcoming in a new beginning. 

When we leave precious things behind - people, places, careers - it can be difficult not to focus on what has been lost, perhaps even romanticizing the past, or wondering what could have been if circumstances were different.  Even just the simple acceptance that life has now changed, and you have to change and adapt with it can be hard.  In some ways it's like you still have your foot in one world, but a new life has begun.  And although this can be exciting, it's also quite unpredictable and a period of adjustment.

It doesn't mean we can't look back fondly on our past, but if we don't remain in the present it also means we might miss out on some of the wonderful things happening around us, or that are coming our way. 

It has been a real lesson for me in the past weeks in becoming more mindful again, when everything else in my world felt very chaotic.  Now things are finally starting to settle, it is very special to be able to look around me acknowledging all that I do have, and to be grateful at how blessed I am.

At a meditation class this morning the teacher took time to remind us that we already have all we need inside of us, that looking for it externally to fulfil us is not necessarily going to make us any happier, and encouraged us to find peace with what is.  It was a nice perspective to think that no matter where I am, I can be "home".  

I also took from this lesson that it is important to accept yourself just the way you are, the happiness, the pain, the sadness, any perceived misgivings you may feel about yourself, and to let it all be okay.  Just accepting what is, by showing ourselves self love, and looking for ways we can give that love to ourselves that little bit more. 

And thus as we're drawing to the end of 2015, I think it's always an opportunity to take some time to put pen to paper and really think consciously about the year that has past, and what you would like to bring into 2016. 

Below I have explored five key questions that we can look at to forge forward into a fresh new year.  This is something you can do in the lead up to the end of December, or in the first days of January.  Whatever feels right for you.  

What would you like to say goodbye to from 2015?   Is there anything you need to let go of?  What things do you need to forgive and move on from?  Are there stories you're telling yourself that you need to release?  Are there any behaviours that might need to change?  I like to write all these down and then do a little ceremony of sorts and burn the paper, giving them to the universe, sending love and forgiveness to the situation, any people involved, both myself and others.

What are you grateful for that has happened in 2015?  What are your achievements, little wins, special moments, things that have made your heart sing?  Who was involved in these moments? Who are your earth 'angels' watching over you?  What have you learnt?  Acknowledge all these things and be grateful they came into your life in 2015. 

What are you grateful for in this present moment as we end the year?  Take time to be mindful of what is working right now in your life and all the good that surrounds you.  Have self-acceptance for what is, and letting where you are be okay. 

What are your intentions for 2016?   Get focused and think about what you would like to create in the coming year.  What new adventures would you like to have?  And where do you want to put your time and energy?  I like to write approximately 10 intentions that can involve any area of my life, for example work, relationships, health, lifestyle, self-development, travel, but they can be anything that is appropriate for you.   Really feeling these and imagining what it would be like if they were a reality is the first step to them manifesting.  Believe and expect that they can happen. 

What steps of action can you take?  To go with our wonderful dreams we need to have a plan of action. Take some time to envisage the steps that you can make for each intention to help you get there. 

So my friends, I close with Happy New Year.  I hope all of you are blessed with a wonderful, prosperous, safe year ahead, filled with joy and love.


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