Healing Teas For The Medicine Cabinet

(Illustration: Etsy)

(Illustration: Etsy)

There is nothing more soothing than sitting down to a cup of tea, and it got me to thinking about all the different benefits of a good cuppa, not only for the relaxing and soothing qualities, but medicinally as well. 

They are so easily available and can be very beneficial in prevention and healing.  Here is a list of my favourites:

Tulsi (Holy Basil) - popular in Ayurvedic medicine it relieves stress and great if you are suffering from any form of adrenal fatigue, as it promotes calm and relaxation.  Full of antioxidants, it supports respiratory health, the immune system, the digestive system and maintains blood sugar levels.  It is good for the heart and can reduce fever.  Excellent for oral health, and can delay the signs of aging, with properties to maintain healthy hair and skin.  It is also known to relieve headaches. 

Rooibos - is mineral dense, especially manganese and calcium which promotes strong bones.  It is rich in antioxidants, it is anti inflammatory and also has a calming effect on the digestive system.  It has calming properties to relive insomnia, can assist in healthy skin and prevent acne.  It encourages proper liver function and is good for heart health; it is even thought to protect male fertility

Nettle - rich in minerals, calcium and magnesium, it can relieve allergies and is especially good for Spring time when hay fever hits.  It is a natural painkiller that eases arthritic pain and muscle aches.  It is rich in iron so excellent if you suffer from anaemia.  It can bring down blood sugar levels so good for diabetes sufferers, and it maintains blood pressure.   Women also find it beneficial as it reduces fibroids, regulates menstrual flow and prevents menopause symptoms.  It is good for digestion, lowers cholesterol and is also helpful for any urinary problems. 

Mint - wonderful for the digestion, it can provide relief from excess gas, bloating and can soothe an upset stomach.  It can assist to reduce fever as it has a cooling effect and it helps with nausea and respiratory conditions.  It can also aid in weight loss as it reduces the appetite and it relieves bad breath.   It supports the liver and gall bladder and it can relieve headaches/migraines.  It also can give you a little refreshing energy boost.

Ginger - one of the biggest benefits of ginger is its ability to relieve nausea and settle a troubled stomach.  Some find it helpful to relieve motion sickness and it can also be good for menstrual cramping.  It is is anti-inflammatory so it assists with any muscle or joint pain.  It strengthens immunity, fights respiratory conditions, is very warming to ward of a chill and can ease a sore throat. 

Camomile - has a sedative effect so wonderful to have before bed for a good nights sleep.  It's muscle relaxing qualities are great to promote calm and relaxation and boost emotional health.  It is anti bacterial and can assist the immune system to help recuperate from colds and flu.  It can relieve stomach cramps during menstrual cycles. 

Cinnamon - is anti viral and anti bacterial, so fights of viruses and bacteria.  It is also anti inflammatory so can ease chronic inflammation and swelling with many health concerns.  It can lower your cholesterol levels and it has many antioxidants that protect us from disease.  It is good for digestion and colon health, and also is good for diabetes sufferers as it stabilizes blood sugar levels and even prevents cravings for sweets.   It can also boost your brain activity so good for an afternoon slump and to improve your mood.

Licorice - can relieve depression and anxiety.  It strengthens the adrenal glands and gives us more energy.  It can lower cholesterol, promotes a healthy bowel and can reduce skin problems such as acne and eczema. It is thought to be good for hormonal imbalances, particularly good during menopause and can ease menstrual symptoms.  Excellent for the liver and treating liver disorders. 

Green - while this is a caffeinated tea it has a large amount of important nutrients and minerals that play a role in prevention and healing of diseases as it has powerful medicinal qualities.  It may lower your risk of some cancers, diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.  It can improve brain function and gives us an energy boost is you prefer not to drink coffee.  It encourages fat burning and can improve physical performance and is also anti aging. 

Although I am focusing on drinking tea here, many teas can also be used topically as well for certain conditions.  

For me one of the nicest things about tea too is the ritual.  I love boiling the kettle, choosing my herb of choice, depending on what I think I need that day, using my favourite cup and creating a sense of joy and ceremony around it. 

I would love to hear if you have any favourite teas that you enjoy and find benefit from, and if you would like more information on any of them specifically please do message me. 

Fancy a cuppa?


(NB.  Some teas are not recommended during pregnancy or when you are trying to conceive.  Also if you are taking certain types of medications teas can contradict the effects of different medicines and cause unstable reactions.  If you are in either of these categories please do consult your physician)