Time To Transition

Looking back fondly, while moving onwards and upwards. 

Looking back fondly, while moving onwards and upwards. 

I am writing this on the equinox, equal time of both day and night, seasonally in the north we are heading into autumn, while in the south spring is in the air.  Astrologically we are also in the middle of an eclipse season where for many, significant changes can take place, with the culmination of this happening on 27th/28th September with the full super "blood" moon, traditionally a time of release and letting go of what no longer serves us. 

For myself personally I find myself on the cusp of imminent change, somewhat emotional by the endings, and also excited at the possibilities of new beginnings.  I am preparing to return to Australia and my hometown of Melbourne where I have not lived for 17 years. 

This has not been an easy choice, and one that I have many mixed feelings about, however it is the practical and logical decision in this moment of time in my life, and I am choosing to take the step.  However it also marks the end of my dream of living in Europe for the foreseeable future, leaving behind treasured friends, a city I love, that has nurtured me, and that I call my home. 

At the same time I can't help but be excited about the future and what it could bring.  What will it be like?  What will happen?  What joys will unfold?

Although I have returned to Melbourne on an almost yearly basis over the past years, even working there for stretches, I know the city is totally different to the one I left all those years ago, so I have decided I can make it an adventure and enjoy discovering it all over again.  And like the city has changed, so have I, knowing I am a completely different person to the girl who jumped, again quite blindly, on a flight to New Zealand way back when, moving to Auckland when I had never even stepped foot in the country. 

Since then I have lived in 4 different cities, had incredible life experiences, often exhilarating and exciting, but of course times of great difficulty as well, as there is for everyone at times.  We are on different journeys and life paths, but naturally change is consistent for all of us.  Even if you think back to what you were doing this time last year, the subtle (or not so subtle) shifts are obvious. 

Hence at this time in my life I also look back to these times with how to cope and deal with transition, endings, new beginnings, saying goodbye, as well as saying hello.

Staying Present:  The minute I knew I was to leave Copenhagen, I saw it with fresh eyes again.  I am determined to make every moment count, savour the sights of the city, every second with my friends and visit all my favourite places.  I want to imprint it in my heart on a daily basis (although I think that happened long ago).  Every time I walk out the door now it is with more presence that maybe you can only achieve when you know you will be leaving something behind.  It is easy to slip into the mindset of what might have been had you done things differently, at the same time worrying about a future that has not happened can be unproductive, so staying in the moment is not only necessary, but you get to experience a lot more happiness from what is happening right now. 

Self Care:  Look after yourself and stay healthy.  This is an easy time to let good habits slip as you are transitioning from one cycle into another.  However this makes it all the more important to do the practices that keep us grounded, eat good nutritious food, and take rest when we need it.  By nurturing ourselves so that we stay well and strong within, helps us to face saying our goodbyes, as well as welcoming the new changes into our lives with energy and joy for life.

Feel The Emotion:  Let's face it transition can be hard.  Saying goodbye to anything we love, whether that be a country, a relationship, a job or even a bad lifestyle habit, can be downright painful.  However rather than shut down these emotions I believe it is important to feel the sadness, anger, fears, or moments of overwhelm, and accept that they are a part of what we are going through.  While I think we must be careful not to slide down the rabbit hole so to speak, letting ourselves experience our emotions and move through them, I believe is essential to moving forward in a positive mindset. 

Go With The Flow:  I am finding it interesting that when you make a decision in the right direction for you, life can start to flow and doors open in a way you never expected.  Whether this be manifestation, or going with divine timing, and possibly even fate leading us on our life journey, I am not sure.  However this time last year I thought I had made a step in the possibility of moving to London, but literally 5 trips unavoidably cancelled to the city for further investigation, made me think that perhaps this wasn't the right choice for me.  However now, and when I first made the choice to move to Europe, life seems to flow effortlessly.  Ways that things felt stuck in my present circumstances, seemed to open up in the new place to call home.  So moving with the flow of what is coming up, rather than resisting the tide, can make a smoother and more natural path.

Celebration:   It's always important we look at all the steps we have taken in life and recognize the wins, all the challenges we have overcome, as well as the joyous moments.  Take time to celebrate these times, be grateful for all that has taken place, even if has been difficult.  Recognize how much you have learnt or grown through an experience, and share these special moments with the people you love, as well as giving yourself a big pat on the back for the achievement. 

Embrace The Change:  Sometimes we decide to create change, other times it is chosen for us, for me this time round it is somewhere between the two.  While change can feel uncomfortable no matter what way it comes about, the more we are willing to embrace the new, and keep a positive mindset, the easier it will be to step through to the next phase in our lives.

Whether you are facing small changes in life or big ones, even if it just the transition between seasons at this time, being mindful of where we are at, present with what is happening, and having an acceptance for what life has bought us in this moment, allows us to move forward.

And so at the risk of sounding a little dramatic, as I write this and think of all that is taking place, I literally feel my heart cracking open with emotion.  Yes there is a great sadness, but there is also gratefulness, love, hope and anticipation of what the next part of my journey will bring.