Where Our Attention Goes, Energy Flows

"The grass is greener where you water it."... I came across this saying earlier this month and have found myself wheeling it out on many occasions since, and it's given me much food for thought. 

For me it represents that where we put our attention and our focus, that is where our energy flows, so that can either be on the present and what we have in our lives right now, or directing it elsewhere, outside of ourselves; wondering if something could be different if we were in new circumstances, perhaps a new job, a new city or a fresh relationship. 

Would we be happier and feel more fulfilled?  When we reach that next destination, are we really going to be more satisfied? 

Maybe we will for a time; but then the gloss, the newness and the excitement can wear off that too and we start to feel that growing sense of, "I wonder what it would be like if......??"  Or perhaps there may even be some regret in hindsight that we didn't appreciate what we had when we had it. 

While it's always important to have goals, making consistent steps toward them, and to grow and develop as people, I think it's also important to appreciate what we do have in the current moment.  I personally also believe the more we can be grateful for what we have right now, the more the flow of positive energy increases; and we attract more of what we desire when we are in appreciation, rather than feeling constantly that something is lacking. 

Even when we're working towards our goals and our dreams, taking time to enjoy the journey of getting there is also part of the joy in life, not just waiting for that one pinnacle moment when we feel like we have achieved the desired outcome.  Which lets face it for most of us never totally happens, as once we reach that point a new goal springs to life.  So feeling grateful for where you are right now gives us a chance for satisfaction everyday, rather than waiting for something to come in the future. 

So especially as we are drawing to the end of the year, I invite you to have a think about what is working in your life right now?  What has been good about 2016?

I'm sure there are challenging moments too, but for now do your best to focus on the gifts that this year has given you, even if sometimes they've been hard won. 

Perhaps you'd like to write this down, really taking a moment to experience that feeling of gratefulness for whatever is coming to mind.  Over the coming month as we draw to the end of the year, you may choose to reflect on these, and have a think about how you can bring more of these positive qualities into your life.

Think too if there is something that you currently have in your life that perhaps has lot a little bit of it's gloss and newness, but with some care and attention could flourish again?

Perhaps a relationship could do with a bit more love and nurturing, or you can look at your work with fresh eyes and see what you enjoy about what you do, or maybe you're experiencing some boredom with your daily health practices and you aren't looking after yourself as well as you would like.  What could you inject new life into?

While sometimes things do grow past their use by date and it's time to let them go, taking the time to really sit with the experience of appreciating what you've had, how it's served you, and what was good about it, allows us to shine a light of gratitude on the present, rather than always projecting to what we think might be bigger and better.

Water the grass where you live right now and see how it can thrive and grow, possibly even beyond your expectations.