2016 - A Good Year

2016 has been a difficult year for many, however I choose not to think it’s the worst year as I keep seeing flashed up before me, and I wanted to offer a different perspective. 

We have lost many talented artists, and while sad, rather than diving into sorrow I choose instead to be grateful for the many gifts they gave us, how lucky we were to have them, and to think of the people who are just starting out and developing their talents, that one day we will see in a similar light. When Mozart was alive I’m sure they never would have imagined David Bowie! 

I know many of us feel frightened by what’s happening out there in the world politically, with many violent acts against innocent people, and my heart breaks and goes out to them; it moves me intensely, as I’m sure it does you.  However, I also choose to see the good in the world, all the people out there achieving incredible accomplishments quietly, that get overshadowed and we never see on the “news”.

In my small corner of the earth, I appreciate the gift of my friends, family, food on the table, a roof over my head, my good health that I’ve had to fight hard for, and freedom to live a life of my choice. 

Life is not perfect for me or anyone, this year I have also suffered loss, but I choose to be thankful for what I do have around me in every moment. That I can see the beauty of nature, hear the sound of music and my loved one’s voices, that I can walk to the shop, or travel to a distant land, that I wake up and breathe every morning; as I know one day, the same for all of us, that I won’t have that opportunity.  How blessed I am.

So, I say thank you to 2016, for all the wonderful moments it’s brought me, the lessons I’ve learnt in the challenges, and appreciation for the people that are in my life, even if I’ve also had to lose some of them. 

I know that in 2017 there will be moments when I will experience pain, worry, unexpected change, and difficult times, as that is a part of the life that we live, and no one is immune.  But rather than be scared for the future, I choose to be hopeful and excited, expecting that there will also be great joys, with belief in the overwhelming goodness of the people in this world, and especially the ones I’m lucky enough to have around me. 

One of the ways we can be consciously grateful is to take some time to appreciate what we do have. Below I have recapped on the appreciation exercise I completed myself on the past year, and was in my December mail in case you missed it.  

I wish you all a peaceful New Year and a very blessed 2017.  Much Love to you all. 

Sacha xx

Appreciation Exercise For 2016

I invite you to grab some paper and pen to explore the following questions about the past year:

What has worked well for me in 2016?

What do I appreciate most about myself from the past year?

What am I proud of myself for in 2016?

Who has bought joy into my life?

What have I appreciated in others?

When have I felt good physically and mentally and what was I doing?

What have been the gifts and/or lessons in the challenges that I have faced?

What am I most grateful for?

Take the time to explore the answers, and you might even like to share some of the appreciation with your loved ones and people that have made a difference to your life.

The more we acknowledge what makes us feel good, happy and what is working, the more we can bring it into our lives on a regular basis, and jump into the New Year with a positive outlook.