📷 @carolina_nusadua

📷 @carolina_nusadua

“Your heart knows the way, run in that direction” ~ Rumi

I’ve had a few life lessons recently about living from the heart. 

We’ve all had those moments when we don’t feel connected to ourselves, or perhaps we've gone against the grain of what our inner knowing has told us.

I, without realizing, had allowed my instincts to be swayed on a decision, and even though I thought I was going in the right direction at the time, had that uneasy feeling. 

I felt stuck and things weren’t progressing as I wished, but I couldn’t work out why.  I felt like I was holding myself back in some way, and now in hindsight I know it was because I wasn’t truly connecting with what I was doing; I was going with what I “thought” was right, rather than what I “felt” was right 

However, I sat down and truly listened to my heart, made a shift, and all of a sudden life began to flow in incredible ways.  Everything felt open, full of possibility, and like life was finally moving.  I was in the flow! 

My energy also improved 100%, and I recognized that when we feel stuck, our vitality levels can become diminished.  

Our bodies are incredible barometers of what is going on internally!

Often our minds are so busy that it can overshadow our intuition, and we can get lost with everything that’s happening in our heads.  We’re so busy trying “to think” our way out of a problem, rather than slowing down and letting our mind flow with our consciousness, and our hearts central intelligence. 

We can have great judgement, but allow ourselves to be swayed by people we see as wiser, or have more authority than us; and although they might be absolutely correct in what works, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you.

You’re the only one that knows you, knows you intimately and what’s in your heart.  We can’t be afraid to trust our gut, even if it goes against another’s opinion.

So, what can we do to keep in line with our true wishes?

We need to listen to ourselves.  This means becoming still so we're able to hear what we truly need.  Regular meditation can help with this, however we can also take mindful moments in our daily lives to become present.

Take time to listen to the heart.

If you’re feeling in doubt about a decision, or something that’s going on, or even just what your personal needs are in that moment. Take time to breathe, be in the present, quiet the mind and put your hand on your heart and ask it what it wants?  What does it need?  What is right for you?

And how do you when you’re living from the heart?  

When things begin to flow and move effortlessly, you feel energized, and you can become totally absorbed with what you are intending to create.

You have a greater sense of trust in yourself, and where you are going, because you know you can trust the heart. 

Having the awareness that you can deeply listen to yourself at any time, and come to what's true for you and your heart’s message.