November Energetics


I'm beginning these short energy columns because they are something I am very passionate about working with, especially with my increasing knowledge in Kinesiology and Mind Body Medicine, which often looks to the energetic body for healing and transformation.  As well as my personal belief that the more we can be in flow with the vibration of the planet, the more we will be in flow in our lives.  

The information for these articles come from a range of sources that I follow, you might like to check them out for yourself if you would like increased information.  They are: The Power Path, Elizabeth Peru, Mystic Mamma and Lee Harris Energy.  

I also often post on Instagram when there are significant energy days for us to pay attention to.  

I know this is a little later in the month, but I will endeavour to bring them out earlier from now on, however inspiration struck today so I thought I would get started.

As this is something new I'm trying out, if you have the time, I would love your feedback as to whether they are a useful addition for you.  I hope you enjoy.  

Sacha x

There is a lot of energy this November as it's one of the last true working months of the year before we head into the holiday season.  A lot of us are re-assessing how the year has gone, and if there are things we would still like to put into place.  

This has very much been a year of planting seeds and laying the foundations for many people, including myself, and if this has been the same for you, it's perfect timing in the '1 year' energy, of this current 9 year cycle, which is all about beginnings.  

Now is an ideal time to review what your passions and dreams were at the start of 2017, and what you would still like to complete, or put in motion before we start winding up.  

Have you allowed the energy of this year to bring fresh inspiration?  Or do you feel you need to delve a bit deeper and take that leap into new territory, having trust and courage to make new choices, reigniting your motivation?

Know that the universal energy is there to support you while you do this.

If you're finding this a struggle, and old habits and emotions from the past are arising, these are just coming up to be cleared as you make your way into the new creative energies.  Try not to get stuck in figuring them out, rather revisit these old experiences with gratitude and humour for what they've taught you, as well as practicing self forgiveness.  These are all happening to allow any necessary shifts and changes to take place, to move you forward on your journey.  

It's also the 11th month of the year which is a master number, and about peace and world service.  What are your own particular gifts and talents that you would like to bring out into the world for the greater good?   We all have our unique and individual skills, and now is not the time to shy away from them, rather embrace them and bring them to the fore.