2017 has been a year of new beginnings for many, a lot of change and transition.  Now as we start to wind down, it’s a perfect time for a little self-reflection, and to take the time to appreciate the good in our lives.   

Often we can look back and get caught up in negative thinking, judging ourselves for all we haven’t done, or perhaps focus on the struggles we’ve had; however the more we can be grateful for the good in our lives, for all the things we have achieved, or overcome, the more you'll feel uplifted and likely to head into 2018 with a positive outlook.

When we acknowledge what we’re grateful for, we also begin to see what brings us joy, and what we would like to cultivate in our lives on a more regular basis in the new year. 

I invite you to grab some paper and pen to explore the following questions:

What has worked well for me in 2017?

What do I appreciate most about myself from this past year?

What is one thing I have done that I'm proud of?

Who has bought joy into my life?

What have I appreciated in others? 

When have I felt good physically and mentally, and what was I doing?

What have been the gifts and/or lessons in the challenges that I have faced?

What am I most grateful for?

Take the time to explore the answers, and you might even like to share some of the appreciation with your loved ones and the people that have made a difference to your life in 2017.  

I personally would like to give thanks and appreciation to all of you, and everyone that has show shown me support, encouragement and kindness over the past year.  I feel pretty blessed as we come to the end of 2017, and looking forward to connecting with you all once more in 2018.