It’s been a big year planting seeds and establishing ourselves for what we want to create, of what’s been the first year, of our new 9 year cycle.

As we begin to wrap it up, it’s time to release what has been in the past 12 months, reflecting, being thankful and grateful for what has transpired, including the challenges that have served you; maybe in ways that are unknown as yet, but can also be seen as opportunities for growth.

We’re also in the midst of mercury retrograde (December 3 – December 22), always a time of reflection, reassessment and review, that gives us a possibility to get detailed and clear about our direction in life, and how we want to move forwards. 

During this period, there can be a lot of strong emotions arising, and as you release keep on connecting in to the energy of your heart, as any old heartbreaks or wounds rise to the surface to clear.  Give yourself to it, and know that you are safe and supported energetically as you go through this transition, and ultimately healing.

When we give ourselves that opportunity to release and reflect, it also opens us up to prepare for 2018.

It’s going to be a master year, that calls us into world service, connecting to our deeper purpose, calling us to step into our truth. It will also be a 2 year, about creating partnership, peace and working together.   

There is a new moon on the 18th December that’s the perfect time to begin to set our intentions for the new year.  As this preparation period begins to build, you might find yourself becoming excited about the possibilities, connecting to the energy of expansion, however, this can also bring some fear and worry of the unknown. 

If you find this arising do your best to stay present, and just focus on the daily steps you need to take right now to move you forward.  Ask yourself what you need today?  How can you nurture yourself?  Trust in right timing, and that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment. 

On the 22nd December it’s the solstice, the longest day of light in the southern hemisphere and the shortest in the northern.  Honour this day by nurturing yourself, meditation and honouring nature, no matter whether you can get out in the sun, or rug up and brave the cold, but fresh air of the cyclical period of winter. 

And as the month closes, take the time to ask yourself

What inspired you since January?

What has changed?

What have you overcome?

What has come to fruition?

And you might also look at the appreciation exercise on the blog this month as well if you haven’t had a chance already.

The information for this article comes from a range of sources that I follow, you might like to check them out for yourself if you would like increased information.  They are: The Power Path, Elizabeth Peru, Mystic Mamma and Lee Harris Energy.