"When we commit to joy we increase our chances of success".


I thought I'd share a little exercise from The Universe Has Your Back, by Gabrielle Bernstein.  

"Rather than lean towards fear, lean towards your joy and you will be lead".

Take some time to sit down and have a think about the following questions.  

What brings you joy?
How can you proactively bring more joy into your life?
How can you bring joy to the areas of your life that are not joyful?
What would your life be like if joy were a priority?

Write them down, and consider how the answers could make an impact if you incorporated more of what brings you joy into your everyday living.  

Begin to judge your success by how much happiness life brings, and the fun you're having; rather than what you have.   

When we're lead by doing what we love, we become happier, our energy improves, and in turn this shines out to others, which attracts new opportunities into our lives.  

Joy can be a decision you make, not only experience.  

I tested this out one morning when I had a long drive in peak hour traffic recently, rather than bemoan it, my usual modus operandi, I actively looked for joy instead. I listened (and sang along) to the radio, noticed the street art, enjoyed the wind on my skin, and looked at the architecture.  It made such an incredible difference to how I felt when I arrived, and I've been practicing it whenever I'm feeling a little low.  

This is a beneficial exercise not only to lift you up when you might need some extra energy, but we don't always take the time to sit down and work out what actually lights us up.  However, when we know, we can actively create more of it in our world.