You’re Exactly Where You Need To Be

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“Patience is a form of wisdom.  It demonstrates that we understand and accept that sometimes things must unfold as they should”.  Jon Kabat Zinn

Have you got something in life that you just want to be on the other side from, to be at a future point in time? 

Or perhaps you want to jump to the outcome of a big dream, rather than be in the day to day to get there? 

However, if you were suddenly at that point would you actually be ready for it?

For me this has been building a different career, it’s been a long process since beginning re-education in 2013, with a slow evolution over time.  However, if everything had happened the way I wanted it all at once, I wouldn’t have been ready, or prepared. 

Also, if you're striving to create a specific outcome with a fixed mindset of how it should be, it leaves little room for magic.  If you force developments, or have your hands too tightly on the controls, you might miss things unfolding in incredible ways you don’t expect.  This doesn't mean you can't take active steps towards your goals, in fact this is imperative, but if we're rushing the process, it can also cause a lot of frustration; as lets face it, life has a tendency to go at its own pace regardless of how fast we may want it to progress!

Growth doesn't happen in our comfort zone.

If you’re currently experiencing something traumatic in your life which is causing sadness or grief, it's incredibly important to give yourself time to process the event or circumstance, rather than push it away.  Emotions and stressful events can get stuck in the body if ignored, and they lie unprocessed below the surface in the subconscious, only to arise at another point in time (probably not a very convenient one!). 

I know it's not easy to sit with painful circumstances, or to be patient when we just want things to have changed already!  However, it’s in the challenges of life where our growth and learning comes from.  These are the situations that push us forward to expand, to grow and develop.  It’s difficult to see this when we’re stuck in the muck of it, but the more that we can trust that this will pass, and everything will evolve as it should, the more we can take solace in the present.

When are you ever in the future?  

If you think about it… never!  In reality the future is just an idea in our head, a construct.  Living is about being here right now, because when you get to what you see as the definition of “success”, or when “A or B” happens, will you be satisfied and happy?  Perhaps for a few hours, a day, a week or even a month; however will you then have a new goal post to move towards?  That you will be happy when….?  You don’t want to wish your life away waiting for an outcome.  The joy can come in the present moment when we take time to acknowledge all the wonderful things that are in our life already.  

Life is about the journey, and those little moments that happen day to day.... they are your life!

Know and trust you are exactly where you need to be for your development and evolution.  

Enjoy the moment, appreciate it just as it is without judgement, and most importantly with a compassionate heart for where you are today.