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Give a little and make a bit impact!

I’ve been inspired this month by the story of Cami Walker.  Diagnosed with MS at a young age, losing her ability to walk, use of her hands, plus sight in one eye; her prescription from an African healer, was to give away 29 gifts in 29 days, with the words that “healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but through our transactions with other people.”

Cami was sceptical, but early in the process she realized that gifts were only a vehicle for her generous spirit to manifest, and it helped her move out of her negative thought patterns. 

She was amazed at the transformation giving gave to her life, and the profound impact on her health and mental state.  Halfway through the month she was able to walk again, and she’s now gained back her sight, even going on to study and become an integrative medical practitioner.    

They weren’t extravagant gifts, and often cost nothing. They could be as simple as a tissue to a friend who was having a tough time, or giving a flower to a stranger; however they had to be authentic, mindful and from the heart.  One of the gifts had to be something that she felt was scarce in her life.

Give one thing away, each day, for 29 days. Why?
Because to see your world change, you have to DO something to change your world.  Change the world by changing your own.

We are here to be of service to each other and have a common experience, and connection.  Generosity helps us feel we are an essential part of a bigger whole, and that we all have many gifts to offer the world at large.

So, on June 1st I started my own little experiment.  My question to myself every morning so far is: "What is my gift today?" 

At the same time as saying, “I have something to offer!”

I’ve allowed that question to come to me all through the day, and have been aware that it’s making me look for constant opportunities. 

It’s only Day 6 as I write this, but I have to say that it has shifted my thinking almost immediately.  I realized that although I felt I was quite generous in many ways, in fact I was a little “tight”….Ouch (that hurt!)   I wondered what was holding me back, what was stopping me?

Mainly, I’ve recognized it's because I’ve been perceiving myself as coming from a place of lack, or that something's missing.  Starting a new business, at the same time as full time school can often feel like there is not enough time, money, resources, and a sense that I don’t have a huge amount extra to offer right now.   

I’ve been looking through the lens of perception of, “do I have enough?”, before I’ve offered any of the above.  

When we feel in scarcity we come from the reptilian part of our brain that keeps us safe, designed to protect us; however it also closes down our hearts.  It's hard to give or come from a place of generosity when you're in a place of fear.  

So far I’ve given flowers from my garden to friends, offered lifts, where in the past I might have felt I didn't have the time, given compliments to the check-out ladies at the supermarket, given money to the homeless, and made more time for friends I know could do with some extra support right now.

Plus, I have a number of other things on my list, like taking clothes that “I will use one day” (read never!) to a charity, giving a free meditation, and buying a coffee anonymously for someone at a coffee shop, plus various others things I have up my sleeve.  (For more on my coaching give away, see below.) 

However, what’s been extraordinary for me, is that I already feel changed on a deeper level.  I genuinely feel more abundant within my life.  Not just feeling good because of being able to do something for another, but actually feeling like I have more to “give”; and the opportunities seem to present themselves in abundance when you are looking for them.

It’s also made me more open to receiving, not something I’m particularly comfortable with, but I know it’s important to create this balance, and I’m acknowledging all the ways I’m grateful. 

In general life just seems to be flowing, and has become more open in some way, as well as being offered some surprise gifts of my own.  And remember it hasn’t even been a week yet! I can’t wait to see what the end of the month brings. 

Giving of any kind is taking a positive action that begins the process of change, it will shift your energy for life.  By giving you focus on what you have to offer others, rather than on what you don’t have. 

So often we're worried about what we're missing, a sense of grasping for something more, or holding on tightly to what we do have in case we might run out, but when we're trying to control we can't be generous.  However, not only is generosity proven to make us happier, if we are happier we are more likely to be generous.  Not a bad statistic!

I invite you to think about ways that you can give as well, and I hope that it has the same impact that it has had on me in such a short period of time. 

What do you have to give today?


I am offering one person, an opportunity to receive my mini coaching package for you to give to someone you nominate, that you feel could do with an extra helping hand.

Perhaps they are going through a tough time, a period of transition, or need help with their wellbeing.  The coaching is available face to face if they are in Melbourne, or via Skype if they are further away.  The coaching will take place in July. 

To receive this gift for a loved one, or perhaps even someone you don’t know very well, write a short paragraph to me at hello@sachastewart.net about why you would love this person to receive your gift, and how it would benefit them.  

Send to me by 22nd June.  I will contact the recipient via email and announce it in my July newsletter.

I look forward to hearing from you.