Reconnect To 2017

We're half way through the year.   How is 2017 going for you?  Are you where you want to be?  Or have the parameters changed and you need to look at things differently to when your first set out?  

Take some time with this exercise to reconnect, and recommit, to the next 6 months of the year to stay in alignment with where you would like to see yourself come December 31st.  

Am I eating healthy foods that nourish my body and mind on a regular basis?  Am I moving my body daily?  Would I benefit from a meditation practice to decrease my stress levels?

Self Love
Do I check in with myself first before starting my day?  Do I greet the day with gratitude?  Am I taking time to do things that make me happy and enjoy life?

Am I calling loved ones and touching base regularly?  Do I spend regular time in communication with my partner and children?  Am I cultivating habits of self love, that support the love I have for others?

How do I feel where I work?  Am I taking small steps towards my professional dreams?  Is there anything that I could do differently?  

Am I on track with my financial goals?  Building my savings account regularly and automatically?

Am I engaging in my spiritual beliefs regularly?  Meeting with like-minded individuals?  Developing a sense of inter-connection and getting in touch with nature?  

How am I giving back?  Am I being kind? Am I saying thank you with sincerity?  How am I contributing to the greater good?

Thanks to for this inspirational exercise that I got so much out of doing, that I wanted to share it with you all.