January Energy Themes - New Beginnings & New Opportunities


A brand new year begins, and one of world service for the planet.  How can we serve ourselves, so we can best serve others?  What are your gifts and talents that you can bring to the table this year?  What is your authentic voice?

It’s also a time of more partnership, not only in all your relationships, be that business or personal, but with the universe.  It’s a year of co-creation.

We begin with a super full moon in the first couple of days that brings up anything that we still need to let go of from 2017.  We’re reminded of what we still need to deal with so that we don’t bring old habits, patterns and relationships into this new cycle.   When we want new fresh energy, dealing with the past is the key to transforming our future.

It's a good month to get practical, clean up and clear out anything that you don't need, physical clutter as well as mental worry over things you cannot change, learning to stay present with gratitude and appreciation for the now will help you navigate the year ahead.  Simplicity is the key and getting back to basics.  

Considering how you spend your time is another worthwhile endeavour this month, are you in balance?  Who do you spend your time with, and are you giving enough time to the people you love?  Are you working hard, but not having enough time for recuperation to be at your best?  Are you spending time on physical exercise and eating nutritiously, so that you have energy?  If you need to make new choices this is the time to do so, and begin to put them into place.

Re-evaluate exactly what works and what doesn't, even things that you have desired but perhaps have not dared to believe is possible?  Is there something you would really love to create this year that perhaps you've only dreamed about?  This year is about bringing some of those ideas into fruition and grounding them into reality.  It's time to take action.

We are moving fast into this new year with all planets as of the 3rd of January being in forward motion, after a large portion of them being in retrograde during 2017, which slows down communication, goes over old territory, stalls projects, and ideas can tend to languor. 

However, all that is about to change.  It’s a time to bring in abundance and expand your vision.  

This year and especially the first 2-3 months are about initiating, with the energy here to support you to get new projects off the ground, creating some structure and begin putting in solid plans to bring them to life.

It’s all about forward motion.

On the 17th we have the new moon and this is the time to re-assess all your intentions and goals for the year.  Review and re-commit to what you want to achieve.  This is where we really start to accelerate, so envision and feel what you really want, especially for the next 6 months.

At the end of January, on the 31st there is another super moon, and this will be even more intense than the first, and very strongly felt.  It’s also a blue moon and an eclipse.  Everything will be heightened, including opportunities.  

With eclipses, there are always shake ups, moving stale energy or anything that no longer is of benefit to you.  It helps us to get on our path.  

This is a year to shine and show your talent and skills.  January can help you to establish the ground work needed to bring these out to the world, to set the tone for the year ahead.

It's about forward movement, and do your best to intuit what is right for you, rather than getting into the mind and over-analyzing, weighing up the pro's and con's, listening to others opinions and making decisions based on fear.  Trust and connect into the heart to lead you forward.

I'll be taking a workshop on Creating Your 2018 From The Heart, on January 13 in Melbourne.  One of the key things we will explore are the energies and themes of the entire year, so that you can work with them having an understanding of what to expect.  As well as listening to our heart to feel how we want to move forward for 2018.

The information for this article comes from a range of sources that I follow.  They are: The Power Path, Elizabeth Peru, Mystic Mamma and Lee Harris Energy.