February Energetics


The most significant event of February is the first eclipse of 2018 on the 31st Jan/1st Feb, depending on where you are in the world.  Eclipses are often times of big change and it's a huge force of energy to begin the month.  If you’ve felt like you’re not on your path so far this year, this can be the kicker to get you there.  

The time between the eclipses, the second one occurring mid February, can be a cleansing in all areas of your life, where there might have been confusion, now a light gets shone on what’s been hidden.  If you've been feeling any uncertainty, much can be revealed over the first 2 weeks of the month

If there’s anything that’s stuck or stagnant, now is also the time to let it go and clear it out, which fits with the energy of the whole year.  It’s time to move out anything that no longer serves, not only physically, like your cupboards and your filing; but emotionally, limiting beliefs, and old patterns of behaviour.  What don’t you need to hang onto anymore?

The more we can consciously let go, the more that we go with the natural flow of life, rather than trying to control life to stay the same, which creates struggle and unrest.

This month is also very much about observation, and to trust as life unfolds, rather than pushing and trying to create a result, or alternatively hanging on for dear life so it doesn't change, it's about stepping back and allowing life to evolve in ways that you might not be able to imagine.

We're often so driven to drive ourselves to attain outcomes, and this month requires us to analyse our relationship with time and the fears of not doing or being enough.  

Can you allow yourself to step back and just focus on what is here right now, rather than worrying about the past or impatient for the future?  

Rather than pushing, letting go of the how and the when, but taking daily inspired action for growth.

The energies are here to keep you moving forward, through connecting and acting on your intuition daily, however staying very much in the present, trusting in right timing.  

We have another eclipse on the new moon 15th/16th February closing the eclipse window.  From here it’s a time to re-group from any changes that have occurred, to gather yourself and re-focus your visions for what your heart really wants to create.

If you'd like to learn more about the universal energy patterns of the whole year, I will be running the Create From The Heart Workshop one more time on Wednesday evening 7th February.  It allows you to know what to expect from the year ahead on an energetic level, so you can work with it as 2018 progresses.

For more information click on the link below.