The key energy throughout October is the Venus Retrograde that begins on 5th October and lasts for 40 days.  It comes around every 18 months and overhauls our relationships to ourselves, and others.  

Venus is the god of love and beauty, and our material possessions, how we care for our body and appearance, and how we love and value, both the people in our lives, and our own self-worth.

When she is in retrograde she’s a calibrator, an internal investigator, a mirror, and can bring fated events, and deep and meaningful conversations.  It’s like you begin to take an inventory of everything in your life and how you relate to it, from here you can make your choices on how you want to move forward.

It’s a significant time and it comes in two stages.

The first stage is throughout the October period until the 31st when Venus is in Scorpio.  This can be a much more internal time, a need to look deep into the depths of our relationships with ourselves.  

What are our deepest urgings and callings, and where do we need to transform?

It could be a lonelier period of time where we are called to investigate profoundly what is here for us, taking time to explore our self-value and self-worth.  It basically wants you to dredge up anything that no longer serves, wherever we don’t allow ourselves to be seen fully, or where we feel we aren’t enough.

People can come in as mirrors, they help you see how far you’ve come, and where you want to go.

It can be a time where irritability or even a bit of anger lies close to the surface, so do your best to not be reactive, as remember everyone else is also sitting in their own vulnerabilities during this time. 

During Venus retrograde things can feel a little foggy, all the information is there, but it’s like you don’t necessarily see or hear things clearly.  It’s a good time to journal and take notes, so that when it ends you have everything in front of you to step into new territory.

As you reflect on what is coming up, take one step at a time, stay present, and do your best not to get overwhelmed and discouraged; as when we come out of this period, it will be a more positive, and stronger you, that emerges.  

When we move into November, the second stage of the retrograde, it’s an easier time and a much more healing energy.  We start having those deeper conversations, we create more sharing, we speak more meaningfully, and that can help revolutionise our relationships.

Remember whenever it feels tricky this month, that Venus is wanting you to expand, to clear out anything, so that you can step up to your bigger vision, and your evolution.