A Grateful Heart

Sacha Stewart Grateful

I woke up this morning with a very grateful heart, and believe me I don’t always wake up this way!  It’s something I usually have to work towards as the day moves forward; as like everyone, in the mornings, sometimes the schedule for the day ahead, or my worries, can get the better of me when I first open my eyes.   

So I became curious about what was different?  And I realized it was a gratitude practice that I have been working with consistently of late, and a healthy dose of acceptance of the way life is in the moment.

Are things perfect?  No.  Are there things that I wish were different?  Of course there are always things that we might seek or desire to change, or would like to create.  

However, in that moment when I woke, I could be with life in all its imperfections, be thankful for it as it is, and just be in my heart which was full of appreciation.  

We are so blessed in this Western world, but often lose sight of all the good we have in our life right now.  When we’re worried or anxious about situations or events, or even the stress that is just created with our thinking, it’s easy to forget how incredible it is just to have the gift of the day ahead.

“I wake up every day and I think, 'I'm breathing! It's a good day.” Eve Ensler

For me, during a little rocky patch earlier this year, I had to really take time to tune back into this, I returned to my gratitude practice that seemed to have gone by the way side.

I write down in a small journal. 

1.    A person in my life I am grateful for.

2.    Something in my life that is going well that I am grateful for.

3.    A gift in a challenge I am facing right now.

4.    Gratitude for something about myself.

The last one was actually added by a class member recently and I think it’s really powerful.  It’s not often we take the time to acknowledge ourselves, and appreciate our innate goodness. 

I also include why I am grateful for all of these things, and what they bring to my life.

This practice only takes a couple of minutes, but it can completely change your outlook when you remember these gifts. I like to do it in the morning while I have my coffee, but right before you go to bed is also a good time when you can reflect on your day.  

Then I like to just spend some time to really feel it within my body.  

You can take the opportunity to do this now.

Connect into your heart, breathe into it, you might even like to place a hand across the heart space if this makes it easier to feel that connection.  Think of something you are grateful for in your life.  Really breathe it into your body, into your heart.  Actually getting a felt sense of the gratitude, not just as a thought, but as a feeling, and just sit with this for a minute or so.  Feels good right?

When we take time to be grateful, we notice all the good in our lives in the present moment creating a grateful heart, and the more we feel into that, the more blessings we naturally see in our world.  

Have a beautiful Christmas everyone, it’s been with much gratitude that I have had the honour to share with you over the past year, and I am grateful for all of your support.  I look forward to connecting in 2019.

A poem from Follow Yourself Home - Word remedies by Jane Pujji


It’s gratitude that keeps the heart strong

that melts the fear

that breaks the spell

that leads you to the gold.


It’s gratitude that opens the door

and shows the way

that answers the questions

which worry the mind

and close the heart


It’s gratitude that has 

a thousand happy gods

dancing through your garden

throwing blessings

sowing seeds of grace 

upon your life