March Energies - Integration


March is a time where we begin integrating the shifts of the first 2 months of the year.

The energy has been intense, as lots of changes have taken place with the eclipses, and now it comes time to begin to adapt to new ways of being.   Many of us have had life changing moments or breakthroughs, and now we need to catch up.

Time to rebuild, reset, and refocus.  

A positive way to do this, especially if some you are feeling resistance, or perhaps change has been made for you, is to look at how you can be proactive and think creatively, challenging your thinking and known ways.

Rather than resigning yourself to the way you thought things would be, perhaps where there may now be space, you can step in with new ideas and experiences.  Trusting that all is evolving in perfect timing.

It’s also a time where health and personal discipline are key.  Looking after ourselves so we can find balance while we integrate the shifts.  It’s a great time as well, to begin to work with the cycles of life, and also with nature. 

We are heading towards the equinox, the time where we begin to transition into the new seasons, and our bodies need to begin adjusting and adapting to either more or less light, as well as cooler and warmer weather; depending on where on the globe you might be reading this.  The more you can work intentionally with this, the more that you will feel uplifted and energized. 

We also move intro retrograde season later this month which means things will start to slow down a little from the fast pace of the beginning of the year, and as integration starts to take place.

It’s a good time to consider how far you’ve already come since the beginning of 2018.

Key Dates:

Jupiter begins retrograding around 8/9 March.  This goes for several months, and helps you to see yourself on a larger scale.  It’s about being in your truth and how you operate out in the world, in this year of world service.  How would you like to contribute?

There is a new moon on 16/17 of the month and it’s a powerful time to set your intentions for the next six months, stepping into new beginnings.

When we arrive at the Equinox on 20/21 it’s an ideal time to be in nature, get out doors and focus on what’s important, meditate and connect with the changing seasons.

Mercury retrograde begins on 22/23 for 3 weeks.  Many can be scared of a mercury retrograde, however you can look at it in positive ways, allowing you to review and reset.  It’s an opportunity to go over old ground, perhaps looking at where the patterns in your life aren’t working, clearing out what needs to go, and re-focusing on what is.  It’s also a time of personal communication overhauls.  Looking not only at how you express yourself out in the world, but also the way you communicate with yourself.  Are you speaking kindly to yourself, the way you would speak to a friend?  

As we get to the end of the month there is a Full Moon and it’s also a Blue Moon (2 full moons occurring in one month).  It’s a time to release and exhale.  

If you want to work with the energies of the new season, I am taking a new workshop this month on the 17th March if you're in Melbourne, all about embracing the new season, and a nurturing way to reflect on the year so far, as well as connect in to create how you would like to move forward. 


The information for this article comes from a range of sources that I follow.  They are: The Power Path, Elizabeth Peru, Mystic Mamma and Lee Harris Energy.