April Energy – Patience, Mindfulness & Reflection


Patience is a theme for this month, with things not going quite as fast as what we would like, or maybe have planned; a symptom of mercury in retrograde. 

However, this is a time where slow and steady helps us to maintain our energy and equilibrium.  It’s a time to review, reflect and re-set where you’re at.

Rather than rushing forward, doing your work with a quiet mindfulness, knowing that the rewards will be incoming in the latter part of the month.

It’s also a time to be very mindful of energy leaks and how they can affect your adrenals.  If we’re spinning our wheels pushing against the flow of the tide, you’re going to end up exhausted and compromised.  Amongst the to do list, put in time for your own self-care to keep yourself balanced.

Ground yourself in this slower energy, as the first 3 months of this year have bought in big change for many, so this is the perfect time to pause during these times of transition to be conscious of how you move forward.

And most of all do your best to keep a sense of humour when things don’t go quite the way you thought. Keeping in mind the benefits of being adaptable to new situations that might bring in magical things to happen, that you least expected if you keep an open perspective.

Key dates:

Friday 13th

Friday the 13th gets a bad wrap!  It’s actually quite a magical day of feminine energy and power, for both the masculine and feminine, remembering that we have both within all of us.  It’s a day to tap into things that are left of centre and the more right brained part of ourselves, to flow with your own uniqueness, intuition and creativity.


Mercury goes direct and we begin to move forward again.  Communication begins to clear up, and it’s a very powerful time to put into action what may have felt stagnant in the first part of April.

It’s also the new moon so the perfect moment to put out your new intentions after this period of review and reflection.  Ask the universe to co-create with you to bring in your visions.

17th / 18th

Saturn goes retrograde until the 6th September

It’s a time to look at our self-responsibility in our career path and life purpose, as well as our own inner journey.  We are being called to be our best, to mature and grow.


Pluto goes retrograde until the 30th September

A period of year where we really define who we are.  Our darker aspects can come up, but we don’t have to see this as a bad thing.  When we look at all aspects of ourselves that is when we can become whole and free.

29th & 30th

Full Moon

Use this day to be still, integrate and release anything that it’s time to wrap up and let go of from the past 6 months.

If you would like to learn more about how you can work with the energies of the month and year, I  will be speaking about this in my workshops in both Sydney and Melbourne.