May Energies - Expansive Realignment



These last months we have been pushed by the universe, and it’s continuing to move us along; we need to follow our instincts and the signs we are receiving.

It’s been happening on mass to a lot of people, so you may be feeling like it’s been heavy going.

There’s been a lot of personal work, bringing up the dark to be shed, and now it’s time to be elevated into personal transformation.

It’s about allowing the shift and changes to take place, and letting the energy begin to move through you.  Each day following your instincts. 

What do you need to shift? 

This month will come with ups and downs, but also unexpected events and lots of opportunity for insights, self-reflection and clarity around your personal values.  What do you value?  And do you need to re-align so your life is reflecting these?

It’s also a time to continue to declutter what's not necessary, this may include possessions, relationships, projects, finances or physical health.  What may be preventing you from moving forward? 

There may be some resistance come up to this, but if you flow with this transformation it can bring growth and positive change, by letting go of what no longer serves.

Trust that spirit is there with signs and support along the way, all you need to do is ask.

Let the heart guide you, and you won’t need to resist what is coming. 

Key Dates:

3rd May

The post shadow of Mercury Retrograde completes, wrapping up what we began in early March.  The world is ready for expansion and growth.

5th May

The 5/5 vibration is all about change, travel and expansion.  Moving yourself to a higher level of knowing and flexibility.  Let go of control and connect to universal vibration, going with the flow. 

8th – 9th May

Jupiter Opposition: This huge planet helps us feel the energy of expansion, abundance joy and living large.  Feel your presence in your body and embody who you are.  Plan something amazing to make use of this powerful energy

15th May - New Moon

During this new moon the physical body is very much a priority as it goes through shifts and transformations.  Focus on next 6 months and what will take you through to the end of the year.

15th – 23rd  May

There are a lot of planetary realignments. You may feel a little agitated as these transformations are taking place.  You begin to see life from the bigger picture and gain great insights into your life and path, particularly around the 23rd.  Everything is unfolding as it should.

29 – 30th May - Full Moon

It’s the Buddhas birthday and a sacred full moon.  Soul calls for you to listen to your heart’s desire.   It’s time to take a big breath and look back at what a transformative and expansive month it has been.

We will be working with the energies of May and the coming months during my Heart & Harmony workshop in Melbourne 19th May.  


The information for this article comes from a range of sources that I follow.  They are: The Power Path, Elizabeth Peru, Mystic Mamma and Lee Harris Energy.