The Wisdom Of The Heart


“Your heart knows the way, run in that direction” ~ Rumi

Your heart holds your inner knowledge and true authentic self, however we rarely take time to connect in to understand its wisdom.

Your mind can get caught up in a whole load of judgement, story-telling, negative thinking, and past belief patterns that aren’t actually reality, or true in this time of your life.

It’s easy to become side-tracked by what you think you “should” do, or what you “can’t” do, going over all the pro’s and con’s trying to figure out in the mind the right path to take, how you should handle things, or the choices you should make.

However, it’s the heart that helps you to connect to what is true for you, to that internal instinct and inner calling. 

I love the yogic philosophy of the head bowing down and surrendering to the heart.  The heart has the deep inner wisdom, and then the intelligence of the mind can figure out how to make it evolve. 

Scientifically the heart and the brain are always talking, and the heart sends a lot more messages to the brain, than the brain sends to the heart.  In fact the heart contains 65% neural cells that store memory and knowledge, and it significantly affects how we view the world. 

In fact, they call it the heart brain, and it communicates via our central nervous system, affecting our major organs, our hormonal system, and plays a significant role in the mental and emotional experience of our lives.  

Your heart is actually an electromagnetic organ that is up to 60% more powerful than the brain, and it’s energy field extends out of your physical body.

Physicists can measure our heart energy up to 8 ft. around us, and that is just how far their instruments can extend, they believe it’s actually up to a few miles, and I personally believe that it can go out infinitely.  I love to imagine my heart energy travelling to all my loved ones that are spread out so far across this planet.

The simplest way of getting a feeling of this energy, is when you walk into a room and you experience that connection or dissonance with someone.  Let’s face it, you can tell immediately when someone is angry when you enter their space without them even having to say a word, and likewise you can feel someone’s uplifting energy.

You absorb so much subliminally through your hearts experience, and your heart is the central integration point.  Even if you look at our chakra energy system, the heart chakra is the only one where all points meet together. 

The mind is often working out what’s on the surface, what’s right in front of you and how things may appear to they eye; but your heart’s energy understands on a different level. 

So how can you tap into this heart energy?

Take some time to go to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and firstly, just begin to feel into your breath, experiencing the body breathing.  You might even like to practice the 4:6 breath count, breathing in for a count of 4 and extending the exhalation for a count of 6, to assist the nervous system to come into a state of calm. 

After a few minutes, allow your breath to return to its own natural rhythm, breathing naturally.  When you feel ready, bring the breath down into the heart, almost as if your heart is breathing in and out.  Expanding across the heart space welcoming in an open receptivity.

Begin to get a sense of the energy of your heart, you may feel it as a warmth, a sensation, or even a light, or a colour.  If you find this challenging, you might like to place your hand over your heart, feeling it beating and sensing the connection.  Know that however you experience this is totally okay.

Bring to mind something, or someone, that you have genuine care for; feeling a sense of appreciation and gratitude.  Rather than letting this just be a thought, really receiving this as a felt sense in the body.  This builds the coherence between the mind and the heart, allowing them come together in harmony. 

Then you can might like to ask the heart a question.  It could be, “What does the heart need?”, or perhaps “What would the heart like to create?”  You may have a question that is more specific to you, however keep it simple and concise, the heart doesn’t need the back story, or a lot of words. 

Allow the answers to arise spontaneously, you may find that some of them are not what you expect, but let them naturally evolve.  Trust in what comes up, and in the hearts wisdom.  And don’t worry about the ‘how’s’, or the ‘whys’, let the heart have freedom to speak and you can figure out the rest at a later stage. 

If you find nothing arises, now that you have awakened the question in the heart, you may find that the answer connects in the coming days. 

Your heart’s energy is always available to you.  The more you can tap into this heart brain coherence, the easier it becomes to trust in your own inner knowing, and lead from this space of connection.

Have faith in its wisdom, and its infinite energy.  Allow it to guide you, and you will feel increasingly in line with your purpose, aligned with the people that bring joy to your life, and connected to your innate inner knowledge.

During my Heart & Harmony workshop in Melbourne on the 19th May we will be working with the heart’s energy.  For more information and bookings.