May was a month where the planetary alignments were quite elaborate, and as we move into June it’s all about integrating and assimilating the lessons.  

There is a lot of ebb and flow this year, one month where a lot happens, and then a month where you integrate.

Now is a time to take stock of where you are at, what you want, your true values, what needs to change, and how do you get to where you want to be, during this 11 year energy that is calling us to step up to the plate of our lives. 

This is a time where you can reflect, and be grateful for all your learning.

However, it’s also important that you still keep moving forward, and this month there could be some procrastination set in, and this is where you need to bring in a sense of discipline and just do it anyway.  

If you notice resistance rising up, you can still choose to act and follow up on your responsibilities.  Know that the more you work to create your dreams, that the rewards will be incoming as well.  This cycle is very strong in terms of putting in the work to gain the greater benefit.  

You might also want to look at what support structures you have in place to help you do this.

It’s also a time to look at discipline when it comes to your own needs and self-care.  Do you have the balance right between what you are doing for others, and what you should be doing for yourself?

June should be a month that we have a greater window into who we really are.

There will be challenges, but you will also have universal support to bring in your dreams, but you have to do the work to make these happen.  


13th – 14th– Super New Moon

The moon is closet to earth, and it’s the beginning of 3 super moons in a row, June, July & August are supercharged for new beginnings, almost like we’re starting the year all over again.

From the 13th we’ll begin an accelerated 3 month period and your desires can come to you more easily.  Envision your next 6 months, what you begin now can start to manifest fully by the end of the year. 

This Gemini new moon is all about communication and how our thoughts, words and perceptions affect how we see the world.  It pus to take responsibility for what we create with our thoughts and spoken words and make some decisive moves in recognizing and clearing any troubling lessons we receive in our communications

18th– 19thJune - Neptune retrograde 

Neptune reminds us of our imagination & spirituality.  It takes us to deeper and meaningful journeys in our lives and for several months our hunger for spiritual knowledge intensifies.

We’ll be reconsidering who we are and it’s a period of the year that you could be drawn to spiritual study.

21st June – Solstice

Day of most light in the northern hemisphere, and the least light in the southern hemisphere.  

It’s time to assess your life, your big picture and reaffirm your priorities at Solstice.  Determine what is distracting you from your creative purpose and make some changes.  Balance your home and your work energies.

Celebrate the cycle of life this day as it’s a powerful energetic point in the year.  Meditate, get out into nature, and be with friends.

June 25th– 26th – Mars retrograde begins until October 2018

This only happens every 2 years and it’s a period of time in the year to redefine your action steps, what you’re doing with your life in 2018, and what you’d like to be doing.  How do you build a structure around you to support that?

Mars is our masculine energy of action, courage and passion, instinctually driven to protect and defend, where we get our ability to initiate and forge ahead to fulfill our desire nature.

Tempers could be quick to flare and times it could feel a little bit chaotic.  Eccentricities and our desire for breaking free will be strong in ourselves and those we encounter.

27th June - Saturn opposition.

Saturn teaches us to do the work for the reward.

We have to work at our dreams every single day, and the cycle is to put in the effort to reap the benefits, it doesn’t stop, it’s the lesson of Saturn. 

Life is always revolving and evolving. Embrace your responsibilities, welcome them in, as it will only benefit you. Walk your talk. 

27th – 28th June - Full Moon

A lot of releasing and letting go of old energy.  Wrap up what you began late in 2017.

Call in your passionate feminine abilities to guide you through your growth process and to lead you in the right direction.

29th June – Pre eclipse shadow begins. 

This is the lead into eclipses that will occur in July.

July will be a power month and we will begin looking at what we will clean up and clear out as June closes.  Evaluate what needs to be shed. 

NB:  The information for this article comes from a range of sources that I follow.  They are: The Power Path, Elizabeth Peru, Mystic Mamma and Lee Harris Energy.