We’re at the half way point of this 11 master year, where many of you are utilizing this to step forward onto your path.  If you haven’t quite grasped the energy of the this year, now is the time in July.

It’s an intense month with two eclipses, followed by a third in August, which marks change, breakthrough, but also some extreme behaviour.  There might be a lot of acting out, and you want to look at how can you adapt to this intensity, with self-responsibility, discipline and maturity.  

Let go of outcomes and trying to control situations, with a willingness to adapt to lessons that could be coming your way, as well as reviewing where you’re at, setting up new boundaries, and holding in place your intentions for yourself. 

If your desires are clear, coming from the heart, and your motivation is from a place of integrity, you will be able to use the month to your advantage even though it may feel challenging at times.

You could become triggered during this period, old fears and emotional issues could arise, and rather than get stuck in blame, denial or despair, hanging on to the past; you can use this to heal and see it as an opportunity for personal growth, a time to engage in forward movement and action for  fresh new beginnings.  

Remain as flexible as possible during these winds of change, be open and positive to what is working, rather than what isn’t. 

Do your best to look at the bigger picture, rather than getting caught up in petty arguments, reactionary behaviour, and judgements on yourself and others.  

You can use this energy to knuckle down, become quite self-disciplined and make the most of what is pushing you to become your very best.  It’s a very potent time to channel all that energy and passion into what you really love and what you want to create.   Anything is possible.

Key Events & Influences

How can you work with the energy to your advantage?

4/5 July - Chiron Goes Retrograde 

Chiron can bring up old wounds, events from the past that you haven’t quite understood or assimilated, it’s a powerful period where you may look deeply into your inner child.  

6 July – Earth is furthest from the sun all year. 

A good day to go slow, meditate, be in silence.

7/7 July Energy – 7 is the number of spirit and of science. 

The head and heart energy coming together.  Use it for advancing your knowledge of who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience.  The pre-shadow of mercury retrograde begins.

10/11 July– Jupiter moves direct.  

A 4 month cycle completes.  This is great for anyone planning big or expansive projects, we get to see them start to move ahead now.

12 July – Pluto closest to earth since 1931.  

All about self-love, self-worth, and what we often hide about ourselves.  If you’ve been keeping who you are under-wraps it could now be revealed.  Welcome it in, love yourself and who you truly are.

13 July – Super New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse 

Friday 13th is an auspicious day about honouring your life path and direction, feminine energy also rises on this day.

It is also a super new moon as well as a partial solar eclipse, which starts a 4-6 week period of new accelerated beginnings. A lot of stirring of energy, a lot of cleansing, clearing and releasing the past. There will be aspects of shedding and letting go, pushing you to step into what you want to create in your life. 

Work with this slipstream of energy and use it to you advantage. 

25/26 - July Mercury Retrograde begins.

Uncovers what you’ve previously missed in communication.  People come in from the past.  There could be old energy that needs to be cleared. 

26/27 July - Mars will be closet to earth since 2003. 

About taking action where you may have been holding back. 

27/28 July – Micro Full Moon

The smallest of year and a total lunar eclipse.

It’s a time to re-set and release the past 6 months. 

These insights are taken from a range of sources including The Power Path, Elizabeth Peru, Mystic Mamma, Kaypacha and Lee Harris. 

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