Trusting In Right Timing

📷 @caroline_nusadua

📷 @caroline_nusadua

“If life is going to bring us something even better than we imagined, it would begin by life not giving you what you wanted.”  Matt Kahn (Loving Fearlessly)

We often have these deep desires in life for things to go a certain way, to get that job, to have that person as our partner, or possibly for something to evolve in the exact way we would like it to, and when these don’t happen the way we planned, or perhaps unexpectedly dissolve, it can end up in us feeling disillusioned; as life has a funny way of not turning out quite the way we intended.  

However, what if this was life making room for something greater than you could ever have imagined?  

If there was something you wanted that you didn’t get, or perhaps something has gone, or been taken away, could you see the reason for this, is it’s making way for the next stage of your highest evolution, so that something you could never have imagined could enter? 

The more you can view these moments with grace, the less you fight the unexpected, the more you can flow with an ease, and the different waves that take place through life.  

That if you currently don’t have what you want in your life, that it’s an opportunity to give you more time to unravel any limiting beliefs, or old patterns, preparing you to receive all the amazing things you’re meant to have, and to evolve you to the next stage with grace, humility and joy.

Everything Is Here For You

Could you see everything as being here for you in some way?

Trusting that when you surrender to right timing, that time can be a friend, and not an enemy.  

When good things happen – say thank you for that experience.

When unexpected things happen – say thank you for that experience.

It’s a surrender to life and to the universal principle that life brings you what you need, the outcomes and circumstances to take you to the next stage of your evolution, to your higher purpose.  

What if the difficulty you are having today, is all a part of making you stronger, so that you can fulfil your bigger destiny? 

After all growth doesn’t happen in our comfort zone. I know I can look back at some of my biggest life challenges, breakdown of relationships, illness, things I'm not proud of, and mistakes, as all leading me to where I am today.  I know I couldn’t teach what I do, without having gone through the hard yards of challenge myself, putting in the daily hours of meditation, seeking people to help me understand myself and my actions in various situations, helping me to overcome grief over the years.  

The pain of mistakes and loss, while traumatic at the time, has pushed me to become something greater than I ever could have been without it, and the reality is the journey never ends.  Life will still come with its challenges and times of devastation, no matter how much “work” you do on yourself. 

Even our grief, or our loss has its gifts, and it’s not about covering these things up with “positive thinking”, not allowing us to feel what’s going on in our lives.  Every emotion is a part of life and it’s important we experience these so they don’t get trapped down in our physical body.  However, its feeling these while not going down the rabbit hole, and ending up consumed in the long term by the emotion, or the “story”, of what has taken place.

“An auspicious stream of tears that pull together, that creates the current of a river, that sweeps you off the shore, only to take you to where you’re meant to be.  A mode of transportation.” Matt Kahn

Whether you can see the bigger picture, or whether it is something you need to be able to look back on to understand the lesson, or the gift from that moment of time, could you trust that life is here for you? 

Making Peace With Time

We often struggle with the timing of life, rather than allowing it to naturally unfold.  

What is right now, is a part of the unfolding, could you see that the times that you don’t have what you want, as the time to prepare yourself for when those things evolve in your life?

That there is a greater intelligence at play, and all you are learning in the “not having”, is healing you, and creating a greater expansion to move you to the next level. 

Imagine if you had everything you wanted right now? There wouldn’t be anything left to grow, create, desire, and life while possibly feeling great momentarily, would probably feel pretty depressing after a while don’t you think?

We often project our happiness on a reality outside of ourselves, that will take place in the future when we have something different to what we have now.  

However, you don’t have to wait for the future to gain the gifts of the present moment.  Every milestone, relationship, confrontation, encounter, can change you for the better. 

It really depends on how much we choose to align ourselves with each moment, and how we learn and grow from every day.

You Can Decide How Much You Give Each Moment

You can either live in the gift of the present moment, or wait for a projected future. 

You can choose how open your heart is, how fearlessly you are willing to take on every day of your life (even in its difficulties), how enthusiastic, how loving, and how much you bring to each moment.

Even if at each moment you can only bring, or do a little bit, just taking a step forward.  Then in the next moment, asking what else can I do?  

With each step, trusting that life is here for you, that all is evolving as it should in divine timing.

Authors Note:  This article is based on the work of Matt Kahn and a recent talk “Loving Fearlessly”.