📷 Laura Berger

📷 Laura Berger

This is a creative, practical, and hands on month that might feel like a lot going on at once, and it can be very productive.  

Much has shifted and transformed in the past 2 months and now we can step forward with new choices, to bring in new creative ideas and to show up in ways you might not have done before.

It’s important to stick to your own path during this time, and not get distracted or influenced by what might be going on around you, what other people are doing, and any drama that might be happening on the side lines.

Do your best to be patient, as impatience, worry and anxiety about the future or the past, will take you out of the flow; allow right timing and trust that everything will unfold as it should.  Be present, otherwise you might miss what is right in front of you.

Let go of anything that may hold you back from moving forward, and attachments to old patterns that keep you small.  If you find yourself saying “I can’t possibly do that”, question this belief. Practice saying “I could do that”.  This gives you the choice and the possibility of something new instead of shutting the door before you give yourself the chance to see what is on the other side.

Listen to what you need at the deepest level and connect into your heart to make the decisions that are right for you to help you progress.  Seek your own wisdom and inner knowledge, rather than letting others influence your choices.

It’s a time to step into your own personal power, confidence and a trust in your own truth.

Questions to ask this month:

Is it creative enough, or am I thinking in the same old ways?  

Is it practical and grounded?

Am I sticking to my own path or getting influence by others?

Am I keeping my boundaries?

Key Dates:

8th August - 8.8 Gateway / Uranus retrograde

A high voltage day, where there is increased flow between the physical and the spiritual realms.  It’s about being aware of our spiritual nature and embodying this in our human physical reality. 

Uranus retrograde also begins. It’s time to look at life from new perspectives and create a whole new way of doing things. Change up anything that’s not working, be brave about going for what you really want.  

It also means that for a short while 7 planets will be in retrograde, which could feel like there is a lot of back and forth happening for a time, between going over old ground and moving forward.  

11th August - Super New Moon

It’s the end of a cycle that started in June, which now starts to wrap up, make sense with everything starting to become clearer.

It's also a partial solar eclipse.  It's important now to begin to take action after all the shifts that have taken place.  The intensity that has been happening of late should start to ease in the coming weeks and bring a welcome breather. 

18th/19th August - Mercury moves direct

Communication moves ahead.

26th August - Full Moon  

Releasing the past and a lot of what has taken place during June/July

27th/28th August - Mars moves direct and won’t be in retrograde again until 2020

We’ve been in a time where we have been encouraged to look at everything from our work habits to our relationships.  Any blocks that you’ve felt from moving forward should start to clear.

NB. For this article the work of Lena Stevens from The Power Path has been referenced.