Cultivating Patience During Expansion

📷 Kate Rabbit

📷 Kate Rabbit

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.”  Matsuo Basho

Spring is a time of sudden growth, rebirth and expansion.  However we’re also entering a period where we need to have patience, during the beginning of this new cycle.  

We step out of the confinements of winter, into longer days, and the world blossoming around us; however, this can often feel quite unpredictable, and our equilibrium can often feel a little out of balance during the transition.  

All the seeds that we planted in autumn have been developing over the hibernation period and are beginning to break through; we’re at that point where we are coming to life again, but haven’t quite stepped into the new. 

It’s like the pressure is building inside of us, but it hasn’t quite found its way up to that point where we come into that full expression of what we are wanting to create.   

We can begin to feel irritable and a bit out of kilter, pent up, as there’s an energy of wanting things to move quickly as we can feel all that potential within, but not really feeling that release.  Things can feel a little out of reach, if you’re trying to push, push, push forward.

Another way this can present is with this encouragement to grow and move forward, we can feel challenged if we don’t feel ready to go with this energy of expansion. 

In Chinese medicine we are in the Wood element, in disharmony this can present as frustration and lack of flow, we may be want to be at some other place than where we are, or perhaps we feel in resistance.

However, this sense of renewal gives us new hope, new vision and an inner excitement to wake up those dormant forces that lie within, and helps motivate us, to propel us forward to help bring our intentions and visions into reality.   

So how can we work with this new energy of Spring, cultivate patience and move into that flow where we can allow things to happen naturally, trusting in life that it will bring that ultimate breakthrough, without the pushing, resistance and frustration.

  • Take a brisk walk, getting the blood moving, allowing stagnation and stuck energy to shift out of the body, especially if you’ve been hibernating over winter.  
  • Get good sleep as we can feel quite fatigued during this time of transition.  Our bodies are not quite used to the shift in light and temperature yet, and can’t process it immediately.  Your body needs more rest that usual, even though you think you should be raring to go; it’s like we face a mild jet lag. 
  • Mindfully greet the day and appreciate the moment.  Notice the feel of the sun on your skin, the buds on the trees, birds chirping, notice the difference in the light day by day, really arriving in the new season.
  • If you’ve had projects lying dormant, now is a time to begin. Make small steps in starting to move into new creative endeavours.
  • Look at things with new eyes; as we say in mindfulness, a beginners mind.  Bring fresh perspectives to all the different areas of your life.  Can you see the old in a new light?
  • What is your vision for this new period that you want to come to fruition?  Where do you see yourself heading?  Take time to sit in contemplation and really move into this new energy with intention, rather than just diving in head first to the to do list.  
  • Realise that there will be natural feelings of impatience and challenge.  Cultivate acceptance of where you are right now.  Remember you don’t need to be anywhere else but here.  Everything will ultimately keep progressing forward.  Can you give yourself permission to allow flow, rather than pushing?
  • Rather than judge yourself during moments of impatience, can you be kind to yourself instead, bringing self compassion to how you are feeling?
  • If you feel frustrated or irritable, feeling prone to jump into reactionary mode, practice STOP.   Stop, Take a breath– when we breathe deeply into our diaphragm we calm our nervous system. Allow between 1 – 10 breaths and you will find that this can ground you and alleviate the growing tension before you react.  Observe– notice how your mind and body is feeling, allowing your experience to just be your experience.  Be aware of the thoughts and emotions that arise.  Maybe there is something beneath the initial reaction?  Is your reaction appropriate to what is happening right now.  Proceed mindfully– How do you want to respond to the situation mindfully?

This is an exciting period, and if you can work with it, and feel gently into the expansion, you can then trust that all will naturally unfold.  Go with the flow of your body, rest when you need to, and be mindful. 

Know that with patience, all will emerge, and will eventually have an opportunity to come into a full feeling of fruition. 

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