📷 Laura Berger

📷 Laura Berger

It’s been quite the ride energetically no matter which side of the planet you’re on these past 4 months, and now we move into a time where you have a lot of support to re-structure and recalibrate.

It’s a personal transformation month.   You decide what you are needing to bring into alignment between your head and your heart.  If there is something you really want to cleanse and to heal once and for all, this is the month to do it.

After a lot of upheaval, we are finally leaving outdated patterns and habits behind, and it’s a time to still keep letting go and clearing out as we’ve been doing all year.

However, there could still be growing pains to get there, as things continue to shift and move, as they get on solid ground.

Underlying all this is an excitement of newness, inspiration and enthusiasm as you begin to move forward on the right path.

Be flexible, have patience and make pro-active choices as things begin to take shape and form.

Evaluate all the structures that have formed your foundation and restructure what is needed. Start with your daily schedule. What works, what does not, how can you do it differently?  Be creative and try something new. If it does not work, do it a different way. This will set the tone for looking at all the other structures in your life.

Have compassion for the physical body as it also goes through this transformation and change in vibration.  When we change old patterning, our emotional and energetic fields can also feel a bit of a shock to the system.   You may wish to be more in your own space as you integrate on a deep level.  You may feel unbalanced or even a little dizzy. Give yourself lots of TLC and nurture. How can you support yourself best during this time?

Do your best to stay out of judgement of what is happening, and be willing to experience things completely differently.   Let go of trying to control and become the observer, then making your choices accordingly.

There is the possibility for true, deep healing and permanent change.

Key Dates:

2nd September - Post shadow of mercury retrograde ends

Everything should be calmer and communication should feel more direct.  

6th September - Saturn moves direct.  

Saturn is about self discipline, so if you’ve been if you’ve been pushing and there has been challenge, you might feel some release now. 

9th September - 9/9 energy

Completion, culmination, letting go, releasing and also healing.  So new beginnings can unfold.

9th/10th September – New Moon

Opening a new door.  Embrace a new way

22nd/23rd September - Equinox

Day of equal balance and integration the new season.  Internal processes happening.

24th/25th September - Full Moon

It could be quite intense, don’t fight what needs to leave you.  It’s for your highest good, and once release the changes can then come through easily.  

If you want to work with the energy of the new season we will be delving deeper during my workshop on the 15th September at Madam Heap.  Click on the button below for more information and bookings.

NB. For this article the work of Lena Stevens from The Power Path, Elizabeth Peru and Lee Harris has been referenced.