Crystals For Creation


Crystals, while sometimes still seen as a little ‘out there’, or alternative, are a vast resource that comes from the earth, having been held deep within for millions of years; in fact they are said to be the earth’s messengers and wisdom keepers.  They can be very powerful during meditation, and I also use them in my Kinesiology clinic, as they assist us to reconnect to their high vibrational energy.

I decided this year I would pick out some crystals for the year ahead.  One’s that would work with the energy of what I want to bring into my life, how I want to feel, and what I would like to create.  

What would your crystals for the year be?  

If you’ve never had a crystal and want to know which one is right for you, I think the best way is to go into a crystal store, and get a feel for which ones attract you, and then look up the meaning behind it, you’ll usually find it’s completely relevant for your life.  There’s also a great reference on the Energy Muse website where you can do this on-line.  They also do lots of great YouTube videos if you want to learn more about crystals. 

My Crystals For The Year Are:


Creates a conscious connection with the spiritual realms, but is also very grounding, and is a powerful vibrational transmitter. 

Enhances clear sight and stimulates intuition.

It’s a stone of truth, and brings recognition of ones true self and allowing that to be shown to the world.

It is calming and releases mental blockages and negative thought patterns.  

It imbues universal love into the decision making process, so that the mind can be attuned to the spirt.


A stone of protection on the physical, etheric and emotional levels.  

It vibrates to the number 3, and it’s a universal 3 year.

It’s a stone that symbolises abundance, wealth and good luck.  

A wonderful stone if you’re ready to achieve your dreams and aspirations, use it for divine guidance.  It also helps your motivation and physical strength.


Unconditional love and infinite peace, teaching the true essence of love.  It’s calming, reassuring and good in a crisis. It represents forgiveness & compassion.

It gently draws of negative energy, and replaces it with loving vibes.  It opens your heart so that you become receptive, strengthening empathy and sensitivity.


Every year has an energetic pattern and this year is all about creativity, self expression and abundance, to name just a few.  If you would like to attend my Create 2019 With Heart & Clarity I will go into detail about all the energetic patterns of the year, so you can gain an understanding of what to expect in the year ahead and how to work with them.  12th January 10am - 12pm at Madam Heap.  LINK IN BIO for bookings and more info