7 Ways To Uplift Your Day

📷 @emma _ rose _ walsh

📷 @emma_rose_walsh


We all have days when we wake up a bit lack lustre, that the world outside just doesn’t feel that bright, and we can feel in a bit of a slump.

However, there are many ways we can still raise our vibration, to choose more uplifted states.  

Let’s face it we all want to feel good, to feel happy, to feel loved; they are common universal drivers.

However, we often look for this outside of ourselves rather than within.  We wait for something else to come along and make us feel good, but the problem with this, is that most of the time will always be spent waiting.   

If you see these as something you need to chase or to find, means you may look for it in other people, when you find that ‘perfect’ relationship, or when someone changes their behaviour to ways that ‘you ‘think’ they should behave (and hey when does trying to control others behaviour really work?).  Maybe we think it will come in the face of a promotion at work, or greater financial prosperity, or when you achieve something that you’ve always wanted.  

Yet these tend to be very small moments in life, where yes, you might feel good for a couple of days, a week, a month, even a few months, but then we tend to settle back, and to look for the next thing to make us feel good, loved, enough, happier. 

When you look outside of yourself, you are always waiting on future outcomes, and the reality is you can only feel good now, and happier now.

So what’s it going to be?  

You do actually have a choice. We have set points, but they can be changed.

They say our mood is 50% genetic, only 10% is affected by what you have/outside sources, so that leaves 40% for you to play with. 

I want to clarify this is not to negate tougher moments in our lives that need to be honoured and emotions processed.  It’s important we have and express the full gamut of feelings.

Yet on the average day, we can still have the intention to lift our energy, to bring in more positive feelings, and to shift upwards.  

Many of our days are spent just feeling fine or okay, yet we have the capacity to increase our joy levels.  

Choose Happier Thoughts

I’ve been working with this myself a lot lately and noticing how much I can actually shift; seeing if I can feel good for no reason. 

A day not so long ago I woke up feeling incredibly grumpy and got into my head about all the things I had to do that day, how tired I felt, how hard it was all going to be…you know the story… blah blah!!  Then I just had to pull myself up!  I started focusing on the good; how lucky I was that I was actually getting to do some of the things taking place that day, that I now do a job I love, that I am surrounded by some really incredible people supporting me.  

I’ll admit it wasn’t easy at first, but slowly over the day I began to feel an improvement, and while I never felt totally amazing, I did feel my energy lift and my spirits rise.  Then the following day I literally woke up bounding with joy and happiness, I felt like all the work I put in at raising my vibration paid off with the cumulative effect. 


Smiling changes your brain chemistry.  When you smile it makes you feel positive, it sends neurotransmitters such as dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin to the brain, that in turn creates a feedback loop between the mind and body, reducing stress and making you feel good. With a smile you can cultivate wellbeing, friendliness, and happiness within, and also beam it out to others.

I know when people smile at me in the street and I smile back, or vice versa, it automatically makes me feel in a better mood.

Try smiling now, (just because), and see how it makes you feel!

Or even put on a good comedy, as laughing can lift your mood and improve your immunity.


When we feel down, we often become stagnant, our bodies reflecting how we are feeling on the inside.  One of the quickest ways to start to create a shift in lower energy and vibration is to get moving.  

If I’m feeling a bit flat, I can put on a great track, dance for 5 mins and I feel elevated and uplifted, everything just seems brighter when I dance.  

Or if you’re feeling anxious, perhaps a slower more meditative movement such as yoga, qi gong or tai chi might be for you, as it helps alleviate denser emotions, and also calms a rushing, busy mind.  

Even just a walk out in fresh air can be transforming.


You know when that sad song comes on the radio, that automatically brings emotion, reminds you of when that ex-partner left, or a sad time in your life, you can go back there and feel it all again in an instant?

Well the same can be done to lift you, music is vibratory and is remembered by the body which is why it can be so triggering in either direction.  

Now sometimes a sad song and a good old cry can be quite cathartic, but if you’re wanting to feel more energy and recalibrate to a higher vibration, put on something uplifting. 

Also be really aware of the words within certain songs, language holds so much power, so look for lyrics that make you feel good. 

Give To Others

This is one of the most powerful, as they say that altruism doesn’t just increase joy, it causes it.  

The feeling that you have something to give to someone, is shown to be incredibly uplifting; and caring about something bigger than yourself increases your sense of wellbeing.

We can discover a sense of purpose through helping others, and acts of kindness are very effective in increasing not only our mood, but it helps us to heal, and even improves our immunity.  

When I was going through a particularly hard time many years back, one of my own healers suggested this, and it was a lesson I’ve never forgotten the impact of, to take me away from my own troubles.

When sadness arises we tend to close down to the outer world, which reinforces the feeling; however, when we give to others we break down those walls of separation.  

It allows us to feel more connected, gives us a wider sense of identity, and links us to become a part of the greater whole.

Giving doesn’t have to be material, it can be a smile, a phone call, a hug, your time, or simply being kind.

What act of kindness could you do today?

Get Out In Nature

I know for me the minute I get near the water, or a park, I begin to feel brighter, just by being out in the energy of nature.

There have been powerful studies that being exposed to nature can be restorative, increase vitality and mood, decrease anxiety, and alleviate mental fatigue, as well as improve many other physical processes.

Especially notice the little things, the beauty of a flower, the feeling of the sun on your skin, or the rain on your cheek, the strength of a large tree, the magic of a sunrise, all these little miracles that surround us, to remind you we are part of something larger in the world; of the cyclical nature of life and that everything shifts and changes.  That even if we’re feeling low, tomorrow is another day (or even that afternoon!), this too shall pass and the world will become brighter once again.

Be Present

Imagine what it would feel like to feel good today?

Being in the moment is where life is; when we are caught in the past we can tend to feel sad that either things aren’t as they were, or alternatively upset at the way things played out.  Living in the future can tend to create anxiety as we’re worried about what ‘might’ happen.

When we can be with today, right in that present moment, we realize we’re okay.

You can’t control outcomes, so coming into a place of trust and taking your hands off the wheel so to speak, while it might feel a bit scary, actually brings you a greater ease within life.

Energy attracts like energy, and will attract what will be in the future.  So if you focus on feeling good right now, in the present, the more likely you are to bring that into your future states.  

I encourage you to give some of these techniques a go, and these are just a few, I could go on an on.  We’re all individual so write a list of the things that make you feel good, and do one every day.  It might seem like the smallest thing, but it could transform your day from just okay, to feeling inspired and energised. 

Let me know how you go.