Be The Light

📷 @honeycombdaughter

📷 @honeycombdaughter


“My Religion Is Kindness” ~ The Dalai Lama

What could you do today to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter?

We all have the potential to enhance another’s wellbeing, and decrease their struggle.

Perhaps it’s the power of a smile, or a kind word, even just a simple acknowledgement.

Maybe you can express to them how much they mean to you, or give them praise and encouragement for all they do? 

Even to give just a bit more time than you would normally, to stop, to listen, and find out how someone really is, rather than just rush by?

We’re very blessed to live in a time where we are all technologically so connected, yet the rush of life causes us to disconnect, mostly unintentionally, but nonetheless it happens.

I have a neighbour Roy who is in his 80’s that stands out the front of his house with a glass of wine each evening.  It gives us both pleasure to connect as I pass by on my way to teach an evening class.  

However, some day’s the busyness of life gets in the way, and I have to rush by, and I know that I somehow missed out for the lack of the interaction. I have to pull myself up when I notice myself sideline that interpersonal connection. For, this is the richness of life, and it makes my own day better for having experienced it.

In a world where we’re bombarded daily with bad news, political upheaval, plus our own struggles, and those of others, we still have that possibility to give joy and pleasure, rather than increase another’s suffering.

Our lives are always going to be filled with ups and downs, change, joy, growth, loss, happiness, and sadness.  It’s the constant evolvement of our worlds.

Yet, do we want to take away and add to another’s struggle, or do we want to be the cause of a smile on their face?   

We do have a choice.

“We must live our lives in such a way as to make better, even in the smallest way, the situation that we are currently experiencing. By doing this, the lives around us will become incrementally better and therefore, so will our own lives, and the life of the world itself.”

~ Nick Cave 

How can we begin to create more peace and ease in our lives, and that of others? 

Wanting The Best For Others

One of the biggest gifts in my own life is working for someone who genuinely wants the best for others.  It’s a rarity, yet I’ve learnt through his example that it’s something we can cultivate.  

Having this as an intention, and as a genuine desire, can make a huge shift.  It changes the way you speak to people, it allows you to find out what is really going on before jumping to conclusions, and it invites conversation, rather than harsh judgement. 

Everyone becomes richer for the experience.

Seeing Everyone’s Basic Goodness

While we may sometimes find others challenging, we may not know what they are experiencing in their own lives.  

Even when we find others difficult, can you still look to their innate goodness?  To be aware of the fact that they have their own struggles, feelings of unworthiness (even if they are blustering with ego), that they are human just like you, and have their own worries, dilemmas, troubles, that may be causing them to act a certain way.  

Can you see the good in them anyway?

Practice Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta)

When we practice Loving Kindness meditations, we increase our sense of connection with others, and practiced regularly over time, begins to re-wire our brain so that we are less reactive, and more compassionate.

They increase our ability for empathy, patience, as well as the ability to be kinder and more loving to ourselves, so that we can shine that out to other people.

Be The Positive Energy In The Room

Rather than let others energy affect you, can you be the light in the room?

Bring the positivity, the joy, the lightness.

Walk in and give someone a big smile, or even a hug, a genuine compliment, it will actually increase your own positivity, and be likely to make others feel special. Just smiling alone increases the serotonin (feel good hormones) to the brain, that creates a feedback loop of happier feelings within the mind and body.

Shine your light.  Be the one that is their for the betterment of others.

This doesn’t mean to be false or, un-genuine. You might find some days you feel low yourself, but hopefully that is just the day someone repays you in kind, to remind you of your connection, of how the joy of positive interaction can light up your day, and make it just that little bit better.

That circular nature of positivity that gives us strength, and moves us through to the other side of our own challenges.

Be the one that smiles, has the compassionate ear to listen to another, and that lights up the room.