How To Empower Yourself With Conscious Choice

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📷 @moonchildtarot


You always have the power to change your world. 

Life is a constant evolution, and you’re continually forming decisions and choices, even if you’re not fully aware of it.

Conscious choice keeps you moving forward, and helps you be the captain of your own ship.  While you can leave it up to life to create change for you, almost like a drift with the wind approach, in the hope that it will take you where you want to go.  You also have the power to steer it in the direction to create positive movement.

However, especially when we’re making big choices about what we want to create in our lives, our thoughts or fears can often get in the way.

You might tell yourself “I need more money, more time, more education… to do x,y,z.”

Or you might not make progress with what you want to do in your heart, because of what others will think of you, afraid perhaps you’ll make a fool of yourself, or that you’ll be embarrassed.  “What will they say, or think?” 

Whenever you’re going to push yourself out of your comfort zone there is going to be a healthy dose of fear come up.  

While we may need to give time and space if there are big choices on the table, to sit with the options and what might be best for us.

Not choosing through fear, projecting what others may think, or because you don’t want change, will leave you feeling unempowered, and probably with a degree of frustration.  

How can you use this to fuel you to grow and challenge yourself?


You don’t actually need to move beyond fear to make new choices, instead you can meet them with courage. 

Interestingly, fear and courage are actually the same energetic frequency.

Courage comes from the heart (it’s root word ‘coeur’ which is heart in French), and is more present moment based, whereas fear comes from our past experiences, emotional memories, and worry of what might happen in the future.

After all, if fear was not there, you would not need courage.   

We need to become vulnerable enough to put ourselves out there, to take those chances, to feel the fear and make the choice to go forward anyway.  

Often taking the first step is the hardest part, but once you do, it gives you the courage to take the next one, and to keep moving forward.


Sometimes we avoid choice because we’re worried we might make the wrong one.  When we weigh the pros and cons of a situation, we can feel overwhelmed by what the possible outcomes could be, while never having a 100% guarantee that there will be what we perceive to be a positive result. Yet not making any decision is a choice in itself, and can leave you feeling unempowered.

While we often see choices as wrong or right based on the immediate outcome, what if you could see any decision as the next stage of your evolution? Perhaps you needed to make that choice, in order for it to lead you to the next one that brings you something wonderful that you could never have expected?

Choices in many ways are just moving energy. Once you make a choice everything starts moving around it, however, if we are constantly judging our decisions we move out of the flow of what our higher self might have in store for us. 


Things that excite us are going to be scary.  In fact they say if they don’t scare you, your dreams aren’t big enough.  Are you playing it safe?

Timothee Chalamet, one of the next great actors of his generation, shared in an interview recently that his acting coach told him, 

“Chase the things that are challenging, your work will be a form of attrition if you keep doing the things you are comfortable with.”

We need challenge to stimulate and inspire us.  

Discomfort of the unknown, means you are evolving as a person, not that you shouldn’t do something. 

You’re growing, you’re pushing past those limiting beliefs and becoming the person you want to be.


Your body is a really good way to tune into your instincts, and your intuition and has a way of communicating with you when making a choice. For example, how does my body feel when I think about that situation, opportunity, person?

When you become more fine tuned to this, there is a difference between a healthy does of fear, which actually can also feel a little exciting in the challenge, and when something feels wrong.

It helps you to be present in your experience, not just the constant chatter of thought and incessant monkey mind.

We are constantly being given little signs and signals, however, if we’re not tuned in, these are very easy to miss or to ignore. 

Or we may talk ourselves out of the right thing for us, because we slide into limited thinking, attach ourselves to our thought forms and perceptions. These then become the stories that we tell ourselves, that shape our attitudes, that become the narratives, and our power leaves our energy system.  .

Through meditation, you can tap into your higher field of awareness, it assists you to see things as they really are, and helps you navigate life.

You are more able to approach life with wisdom and discernment, rather than automatic reaction.


“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit”.

We live in an instantaneous age, and often want results straight away, but good things take time, so if you make a choice, have the belief that it is leading you in the right direction no matter what the immediate outcome. 

Have faith, trust and patience that whatever you choose is going to lead you into new directions and into a form of personal evolution.

Could you imagine yourself in a place where you are no longer influenced by the old narrative, or fear?

What would your choice be then?

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