Anything Is Possible

📷 @helloemilie

📷 @helloemilie

There’s something about a New Year that feels full of possibility.  Even though technically it’s just another day, energetically we feel like we can say goodbye to all that happened in the previous year and create a fresh slate.

It signifies new beginnings… so what do you want 2017 to look like? 

I invite you to close your eyes, and bring to mind a day in your life this time next year. 

Dream big…  

How do you spend your day?  Where are you?  Who do you spend your day with?  How do you look?  How do you feel?  What would you have achieved? 

Bring us much detail to the picture as you can.  Let your imagination soar, knowing that anything is possible and that you don’t need to limit yourself in any way.  In the words of the great Wayne Dyer “As you think, so you shall be”. 

Let it really sink in, feeling what it would be like to be living life like this.  When you know where you want to end up, we can start looking at what can help you get there. 

Let Go Of Resolutions

Firstly, I encourage you to let go of the idea of resolutions, that always tend to be things that we are resolving to “fix”, or that we are removing from our life eg “I’m giving up sugar”, which tends to focus on what you don’t want, setting up a negative bent. Also, changing the language of the words “I won’t… or “I’ll try…”  I prefer to focus on the positive and call them intentions. 

For example, “I look after my body and nourish it by eating and drinking mindfully”.  It’s also a bigger picture so that if you do have a day where you overindulge, it doesn’t mean that your plan is out the window for the whole year in the first week! 

Your 2017 Word

I have also decided this year to have a word for 2017 that I will create my intentions around.  My word is ACTION because I feel like I have planted many seeds in 2016, and intend to be very focused on things really moving ahead, and taking considered steps to do so. 

What would your word be?  You might like to sit on this for a few days, I struggled to come up with one at first, but once it came to me it felt perfect.  Some other suggestions could be love, momentum, courage, joy or growth; it just has to feel right for you and where you are at in your life.    

Creating Intentions

Thinking of your word and your picture, now it’s time to break it down a little more.  What 3 intentions/statements would you like to create in each of the following areas, career, relationships, health, abundance, and bucket list to help you create your dream picture?  You end up with 15 in total. 

Remember to keep them in the present so that our statements aren’t always projected into a future time, and therefore always slightly out of reach; and most of all, always keep them in the positive.

To help lead the way a few of mine are:

Relationships: I deepen the connections with the people around me that feed my life in a positive way.

Career:  I study kinesiology and mind body medicine to further my growth and learning.  

Bucket List:  I travel to Japan and India

(Now you’ve had a sneaky peak into what you might be seeing on my Insta page in the coming year!)

You might even like to create a vision board with images around everything you’ve imagined which is perfect to put on a wall.  I also like to stick my intentions where I can see them throughout the year as it keeps me focused on my dream and what I want to create in my life.

Bite Sized Goals To Create Your Dream

When I’m working with my clients we then take these bigger intentions and break these down even further into 3 month intentions, and then into even smaller bite sized weekly goals. Remember you don't have have to create everything overnight, make it manageable for yourself, and see how small shifts can create a big impact in your life.  If you feel like you need a little help in planning and keeping yourself accountable throughout the year, I’m always happy to set up a free call if you would like to see if coaching is right for you.  

Love & Kindness

Apart from Action and creating forward movement, there are two other qualities that I am very focused on this year and that is love and kindness; I want to infuse these things into everything I do, including in my connection with you all.  

So, sending you love for an abundant and joy filled 2017, and I’m looking forward to sharing the year ahead with you.

Sacha xx