Holistic Lifestyle Coaching 1:1 gives you a non-judgemental, empathetic environment to empower and inspire you, to achieve your vision for life and wellbeing.


Do you feel you need some focus and structure to achieve your goals?

Is there an area in your life you feel if you shifted, could help you be more productive and get more satisfaction out of your life?

Are there some healthy habits that you know would give you more energy to enjoy the things in life that you love?

We often know we need to make changes, but somehow feel lost with how to start.

Everyone is individual with different needs and dreams, so as a team we create a very personal vision that looks at your strengths, builds your confidence and uncovers your natural impulse for wellbeing.  You get to set realistic and achievable goals that over time can sustain lasting change. 


Tapping into your inner fighting spirit to achieve your objective, we look at challenges as learning opportunities, and lay the foundation for empowering you to be able to build self-efficacy in all areas of your life.

Having had a lengthy career in advertising and film production, before retraining as a holistic lifestyle coach and meditation practitioner, my biggest teacher has been my own journey to wellbeing overcoming auto-immune disease, as well as my own personal challenges.  

Studying at Wellcoaches on the psychology and methodology behind coaching, and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I know on a very deep level that food can be our medicine, however there are many things that contribute to an optimal life, and my work has a large basis in mindfulness, self-care (both physically and mentally), as well as pinpointing areas in life which you want to improve, or develop to have transformative effects. 


- Tools and knowledge on how to manage your stress levels

- Encouragement to see food as medicine

- Assistance to help you create practices of self-care.

- An opportunity to see how small shifts can have a big impact on your life

- Belief in yourself that you can make and sustain changes, and that anything is possible.

- Support as you make these changes with empathy, understanding and respect. 

You have an innate intelligence and wisdom about yourself and your body.  I'm not here to tell you what to do, rather I'm here to help you recognize that knowledge and bring out the best in you. 

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What Others Say...

"The time I have spent with Sacha has greatly improved my quality of life and I am thankful to her and her brilliant coaching on a daily basis. Working in a stressful environment, I have found Sacha’s clear and inspiring instruction has made a huge impact on how I approach each day. I now know what to do in times of stress, how to prioritise, and have discovered and maintained a way to balance my life more. The result of which is that I am now more productive, more happy and have more energy. To be honest, it has been totally life changing!

Sacha's advice was truly holistic – she helped me to learn how to prioritise and keep a checklist of goals to keep my life in order. In addition she taught me meditation techniques that were easy to implement and even evaluated my diet and exercise regime, and offered suggestions to improve these areas that were manageable and effective. The result of all this is that my mind feels clearer and I am able to work more efficiently and productively. 

I really can’t recommend Sacha enough. She’s friendly, easy to talk to, and clear with her instruction. My advice would be to stop reading this review, and start talking to Sacha… An improved life awaits!"

- Susan Hosking, Executive Creative Director, London, England

“Sacha has the ability to make the impossible seem reachable. In her coaching sessions she manages to create a genuine caring, non judgmental space full of insights, laughter and positive energy. This gave me a strong platform to start changes in my life. Every time I left after a session with her I felt lighter, in my state of mind and my heart. I was back on track to achieve my goals. I am amazed by the subtle and knowledgeable way Sacha has taken me through her coaching sessions. She has a unique ability to understand both the ‘practical’ and spiritual side of being a human, which makes conversations with her very rewarding. On top of that she is extremely generous in her way of dealing with people and she has truly touched my heart.”

— Caroline Sascha Cogez, Film Director, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Working with Sacha was so effortless, I kept forgetting we hadn’t known each other for years. She is an amazing listener who took the time to really guide me through my issues and find answers that resonated with me and the path I wanted to follow. Despite my inherent laziness, she kept me on that path with constant reminders, encouragement, endless patience, and good humor. There aren’t words to express just how grateful I am to have found Sacha at one of the hardest points in my life. I’m not sure how I would’ve made it through the last few months without her. ”

— Joy Jarme, Artist Manager, Los Angeles, USA

“Sacha came into my life at a crisis point in my health and wellbeing. The goals I set for myself, were ones I never thought I could achieve on my own, but with her guidance, patience and encouragement, they became an integrated part of my life. Sacha’s personal journey is an inspiring one and her gentle energy and passion for wellness are infectious. She has a treasure trove of tips and remedies and is a joy to work with!”

— Sasha, Multi Disciplined Designer & Researcher, Sydney, Australia

“Having worked with Sacha in the film industry I knew what a high achiever she was, and was keen to see how she could coach me through my own exciting but challenging business opportunities, as well as my ambitions to improve my health. Her intuitive contribution enabled me to seemingly effortlessly achieve much more than I had planned. Definitely life changing.”

— Kay Goss, Fashion Designer, Auckland, New Zealand



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